–We need to start thinking quality over quantity

this is climate action, larsen & eriksen

In this episode of «This Is Climate Action», we meet Magnus Eriksen, Co-Founder and Partner of Danish design studio LARSEN & ERIKSEN.

The Copenhagen-based duo stand for a more responsible way of producing design goods and they want to inspire both brands and consumers to consider quality over quantity. From the designer t-shirts & watches themselves, through to the packaging they come in, for Larsen & Eriksen it is a given that materials should come from recycled, upcycled and sustainable sources.

"The more that we and other brands can speak up about trying to become more and more sustainable, the more people will hopefully see it, be inspired and follow,” says Eriksen.

If we all start doing a little, that little suddenly becomes a lot. We hope you will be inspired by this episode!


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