Introducing the new reused phone integrated with CHOOOSE

INDY partners with CHOOOSE

Say hello to INDY, the new second-hand phone that makes it easy not to make “climate stupid” choices (like buying a new one).

Smartphones are known for their relatively short life-span. But did you know that the energy and carbon footprint behind purchasing a new smartphone is the equivalent of using your old one for 10 years? Thankfully, there are companies out there aiming to give used and functional phones a second chance.

CHOOOSE and INDY teams up to offset 2 tonnes of CO2 for every used phone that finds a new owner.

"The world needs new and innovative players working to push for a much-needed change in global consumer behavior. That is why CHOOOSE is super delighted to team up with INDY. They have managed to make buying a used phone instead of a new one into a no-brainer, which I hope will be a huge hit and contribute to enlight more people about the possibilities and benefits of the circular economy", says Martine Kveim, Head of Strategic Partnerships at CHOOOSE.

Born out of the global mobile distributor Brightstar, INDY offers the best selection of reused phones. Once you receive your phone, INDY will orchestrate a 2-tonne CO2 reduction with CHOOOSE on your behalf.

"The carbon footprint of producing a new phone is somewhere between 50 and 100 kilos of CO2-emissions per phone, depending on the model. We can offer the same phones, slightly used, fully functional, and with a 2-year warranty for a fraction of the price. In addition to the positive impact from buying a used phone instead of a new, we have decided to boost the impact of all our phones with a 2-tonne CO2 reduction. This means that one INDY phone alone is saving the same amount of CO2 emissions as it takes to produce almost 30 new phones", says Arne Hvidsten, Country Manager Norway & Services Director Nordics at INDY.

INDY (it stands for I’m Not Done Yet) is currently available in Norway and Sweden, but will soon be introduced to other markets.

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Source for carbon calculations:, Journal of Cleaner Publication


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