Meet Petter Gulli, the climate optimist

Petter Gulli with his book "Hope. A practical guide for climate optimists"

In this episode of «This Is Climate Action», we meet Petter Gulli. For over 30 years he worked with advertising. But at one point he had enough and decided to apply his knowledge to what he was truly passionate about.

”There is still hope for our climate. Because there is a green revolution right in front of our eyes. We just have to open them to see all the possibilities”. That is what Petter Gulli claims in his new book "Hope. A Practical Guide for Climate Optimists”. With his glowing optimism, he shows us how we can contribute individually, locally, and nationally to play a real and important part in the green shift.

If we all start doing a little, that little suddenly becomes a lot. Sit back and enjoy the show. We hope you'll get inspired!


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