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Radical Broccoli Anette & Susanne

The sister duo, Anette & Susanne, founders of the eco-friendly platform, Radical Broccoli, share their thoughts on how we can create a more sustainable future.

What was your a-ha moment that led you to become engaged in sustainability?

The moment we found out that the same food that made us feel bad (like processed meat) was made by the most polluting industry in the world, causing deforestation, climate change and hurting animals. Or to rephrase it - that by eating healthier, greener food, like veggies, we felt better and did our single biggest contribution to lowering our climate footprint, and save valuable animals lives.

What is your single best tip for someone who wants to do more for the environment on a personal level?

Start with something that gives you joy, and find back to that connection with the Earth that we all have deep within us. The connection that may have been lost in our busy lives. Maybe it’s eating a plant-based meal? Jogging and picking up some trash with friends? Maybe you really love slower travel by train? Or finding a really cool outfit in a vintage store? When you enjoy it, you will continue doing it and be eager to do more.

What do you think will be the legacy of your generation?

We think that this generation wants to pursue jobs that give them purpose, and can contribute to a greater good. This generation is hard-working, but also extremely creative in seeking out new ways to solve large global challenges, like climate change.

What is the most critical technological breakthrough that needs to happen for the world to reach the 1,5 degree goal?

Better modes of transportation like electric airplanes, fast trains, and cars with lower environmental footprint will be real game-changers. We would also love to see a huge change in the food industry, making it more profitable to grow top-quality plant-based foods rather than industrial meat and dairy.

What will this breakthrough demand from us as a society?

That we become more conscious of our daily actions and choices - the way we spend our time and money are votes for the world we want to see. The knowledge that together we have the power to change what becomes popular demand. It’s easy to wait for large-scale solutions, but every single individual has to know that they have the power to make a difference everyday. And of course, that we use our voting power politically.

What is your company’s most impactful contribution to fight climate change?

Our focus is on inspiring individuals to change their lives for the better - for themselves and for the world as a whole. We have a lot of respect for an individual's journey to become more sustainable, and that we are on different parts of the path. We just want to cheer you on without making you feel bad for the things that you don’t do. We have all been there, and we would have loved the same kind of support.

In your industry, what do you think will be the most groundbreaking change over the next 10 years?

That we start learning how to love ourselves earlier in life and how to choose what feels right for us. More mental health awareness in schools, workplaces, and elderly homes. It might be strange to think of this as an environmental problem, but statistics show that the biggest issue among young people now is that they are both anxious about what’s happening to the planet but also stressed out, depressed and out of energy. We have both been there, and know that this is the first foundation we need to build up in order to be able to share our gifts with the world.

Which brand (in general) do you think is at the forefront when it comes to sustainability?

Whole Foods in the US is an example of how healthy, organic and sustainable food can become mainstream and profitable business that gives back to society. There are also a lot of small brands that deserve a big shout-out, like Better Living Projects who sell tote bags made by women in India to give them an education or clothing brands such as Envelope making sustainable fashion fashionable. Oslo Raw is another great example of making plant-based food available to all through delicious raw cakes and meals, and their inspiring way of encouraging their employees to reach their individual goals and dreams is admirable. And oh - CHOOOSE is at the forefront of making it available for us to reduce the carbon footprint we already have by living a modern life. In a perfect world, organic, plant-based and sustainable will be the new normal and everything else will be on the «special» menu 😉

What makes you climate positive about the future?

The incredible power of the younger generation coming together for the climate! The mix of game-changing individuals, companies, new technology, and information spreading on social media. And knowing that if the two of us can turn our lives completely upside down, anyone can do it! Honestly.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

That being a sustainable person is not an all or nothing game. Everyone has a responsibility to do something, but we can’t all do everything overnight. It’s not about perfection, it's about finding joy in doing something good.


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