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One of our favorite Christmas gift options this year comes from the Norwegian Church Aid, and their awesome reforestation project in Ethiopia. In fact, we like it so much that we have decided to join in. So if you’re looking for a Christmas gift that is packed with purpose and impact you should definitely check this one out.

To combat the world's climate challenges, our planet needs more forests. Trees and forest areas play an important role in the world's climate, both because they absorb and store carbon, and they are the habitat for up to 90 percent of all terrestrial animals and plants we know. The forest also provides us with food, fuel, animal feed, materials, grazing areas, timber, and important medicines. But a forest needs trees to be able to grow.

In Norway, about 2 million Christmas trees are sold each year - that’s a lot. By giving your support to this year's Christmas gift from the Norwegian Church Aid, you are giving an "extra" Christmas tree to the church forests in Ethiopia - a fantastic project that will grow approximately 11 hectares of new and vital forest over the next three years. Complimentary of CHOOOSE, your gift also helps equip Sudanese refugees in Chad with solar-powered cooking stoves. It creates better health and living conditions for thousands of people who would otherwise use polluting and harmful firewood. The project has Gold Standard verification, meaning that it has a measurable and verified CO2-reducing effect on the environment.

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Over 100 years ago, Ethiopia was a green and lush country, nearly half of it was covered with trees. It is now estimated that only 11 percent of the forests are preserved. Despite heavy deforestation, the Orthodox churches have managed to preserve the “church forests", which today lie as wonderful green oases in an otherwise arid landscape. Some of them are estimated to be 1500 years old. This has accelerated a project that priests, scientists, Norwegian Church Aid, our partners, the Norwegian authorities and local communities stand unified about. To save the green that is left, and let the church forests give new life to the forests that were lost.

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