Viessmann launches “ViMove for climate” in partnership with CHOOOSE

Viessmann partner up with CHOOOSE

Viessmann takes responsibility and part in climate protection with "ViMove for Climate", by supporting tree planting and reforestation projects through CHOOOSE inviting employees and partners to collect kilometers to help fight climate change.

Viessmann, one of the leading international manufacturers of heating systems, take their responsibility very seriously. Now, they have launched the “ViMove for Climate” campaign, where employees and partners are invited to collect as many kilometers as possible in week 26, either by bicycle or by running. For every kilometer run and every three kilometers cycled, Viessmann supports tree planting and forestation projects around the world.

“In exceptional times like these, the responsibility for our children and grandchildren cannot be ignored. As a family-owned business with a generational mindset, we want to honor this responsibility and make a contribution to it. We have launched the campaign "ViMove for climate" to collect as many running or cycling kilometers as possible", says Viessmann.

According to a study done by scientists at Yale University in Connecticut (USA), there are currently around three trillion trees worldwide. Each one transforms the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide into oxygen and thus makes a valuable contribution to climate protection. The bad news is that every year we lose ten billion trees – the number of trees on earth has been halved already.

For every kilometer run or cycled, Viessmann will directly support tree planting and forestation projects in countries such as Cambodia, Brazil, Kenya, and Uganda. The projects are carefully selected by CHOOOSE.

Donate your lactic acid to a good cause!

If you are a Viessmann partner we encourage you to lace up your running shoes or ride a bike and track your ride to help fight climate change.

Read more about the conditions here.

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