CHOOOSE A Cooler Advent Calendar pt. I

CHOOOSE A Cooler Advent Calendar pt. I

We sum up our advent calendar into a two part list.

The holidays have come and gone, but with a new year quickly approaching we decided to round up our advent calendar of do-gooders into two big lists that can help inspire new habits and goals for 2019. So without further ado, get your calendars and wishlists out and add as many of these businesses, people, and causes onto it, and don’t forget to check back tomorrow for part 2.


The first climate champs featured in our advent calendar of people doing good for planet earth are our friends at Tise ! "We at Tise aim to make the world a little more sustainable by improving second-hand trade. We try to do this by focusing on making second hand more fun and inspiring, especially for the younger generation. We want to use this opportunity to encourage everyone to watch the film Before The Flood, by Leonardo DiCaprio this Christmas. It is both enlightening and inspiring around the topic of climate change.”

POW: Protect Our Winters Norge

POW is an international climate organization that mobilize the outdoor sports and business community - and that turn passionate people into effective climate advocates. In Norway POW was started in 2013 as the second chapter after USA, where it was founded by Jeremy Jones. While POW’s earliest supporters were renowned athletes and respected corporations, the movement quickly grew to include the wider outdoor sports community as our playgrounds and livelihoods depend on healthy winters, and more and more people understands that our safe future depend on a functional ecosystem. “In POW we are inspired every day by our local young and old #backyardstories heroes of all kinds, but especially our Riders Alliance doing their best to inspire for a greener lifestyle, for white winters.”

Radical Broccoli

Say hello to the two awesome sisters running Radical Broccoli - a rapidly growing influencer business promoting everything that’s good for the environment. “We produce content on everything from our favorite vintage shops to why it’s important to eat more plants and how to shampoo your hair without using any plastic. We are really inspired by what the food company Tunco has managed to do the last couple of years. Not only do they offer amazing food and have lots of vegan options, but they are a socially conscious business donating one meal to a person in need for every meal sold in Norway.”

Too Good to Go

Too Good To Go is a movement, a business and an app that’s working to reduce food waste. The app connects consumers with stores and eateries who have surplus food. Through the app consumers can save perfectly good food for a very reduced price, and prevent it from ending up as trash. It's a win-win-win situation: The consumers get great food cheap, the stores earn money on something that otherwise would have been waste, and best of all - together we save the planet from unnecessary CO2-emissions, waste of crop land, fresh water and other resources it takes to produce food. "We are inspired by all the amazing food heroes who every single day saves food, either at home or by using Too Good To Go . It’s these people who motivates us to continue working to stop food waste. We especially cheer for Mette Havre Nygård Havre from Spisopp Maten . She and her family are inspiring people to become food heroes by sharing tips and information on how to reduce food waste at home. We also love the people at Matsen Ralen who saves tons of food from going to waste and redistributes it to charities for people in need."

We Don’t Have Time

We Don't have Time are currently building the world’s largest social network for climate action. "We'll put people, climate and planet in power in launching our mobile app, on April 22, 2019. Together we can solve the climate crisis. But we are running out of time. Who inspires us (doing good for the planet) is Greta Thunberg and Jamie S Margolinfrom This Is Zero Hour"


Parley for the Oceans was founded after Cyril Gutsch , a designer and strategist, met Captain Paul Watson, founder of Sea Shepard, who opened his eyes to the realization that the oceans might die within his lifetime and inspired him to take action. Parley is the space where creators, thinkers, and leaders come together to raise awareness for the beauty and fragility of our oceans and collaborate on projects that can end their destruction. Parley for the Oceans addresses major threats towards our oceans, the most important ecosystem of our planet. To succeed, we must find ways to synchronize the economic system of mankind with the ecosystem of nature – and make it more lucrative to protect the oceans than to destroy them.

Natur og Ungdom

We are Natur og Ungdom (Young Friends of the Earth Norway) an environmental organization for youth, by youth. We work diligently to empower youth to stand up for their right to live and prosper in an environmentally sustainable and greener future, and attain a fairer and ecologically friendlier extraction and usage of our resources in Norway. While we realize that climate change is a global process, the local efforts of volunteers and activists to hold politicians responsible for their environmentally unfriendly policies is fundamental in the fight for a more just and sustainable world.Greta Thunbger, a fifteen year old Swedish student, had enough of the lacking climate action in the Swedish parliament. To combat this, she went out on strike. Refusing to go to school, she did not see a point in continuing her education unless the politicians started caring about her future. A future which seems bleak in the face of passivity and indifference of the politicians towards the dangers of climate change. Her efforts were not in vain however, as her action sparked a fire that empowered youths all across the world to take action against climate injustice by striking school. Inspired by her actions, we organised a strike in solidarity with Greta where a thousand youths all over Norway walked out of their classrooms to protest the lack of climate action.By holding a mirror upon those responsible, they have no option but to recognize the prevalent challenges of climate change. Greta’s brave actions in her home city of Stockholm inspired not only the thousand Norwegian youths to stand up against environmental injustice, but the efforts of all who wants a sustainable and greener future all across the world.


Sunstock is a not-for-profit festival featuring solar-powered live music, food, drink, local visual artists, vendor market and non-profit partners with fantastic eco-friendly calls-to-action. Sunstock is inspired by the challenge to create Positive Space in the environmental movement. Sunstock believes that for the well-being of all living things, we need to actively create the best possible future, starting with clean energy and an end to carbon pollution. Solar power is a great solution and Sunstock aims to use music, art, and even just the way we party to celebrate that solution.


FJONG is a digital platform that makes it easy to rent and share outfits! We combine our passions for sustainability, style and technology to provide our customers access to a larger, greener, more exciting wardrobe at a reasonable price. We are a team of 20 employees with great help from all of our superstar interns! We are inspired by companies like Ren The Runway , Netflix , AirBnB and Glossier for concept, tech-development, community building and how they all have managed to scale their business models to the companies they are today We are rooting for women who are building, supporting and/or investing in other female led start-ups!


Daybreaker is inspired by our desire to play, dance and connect in a time where our energy is the most full and positive — the morning! All without substances. We are about creating an environment of belonging and inclusiveness in a world where our biggest epidemic is isolation and loneliness It’s time we all came together and danced!

Katapult Ocean

We are Katapult Ocean and we believe that there are endless opportunities in the ocean.We help build and scale profitable business with a positive impact on the ocean, with our ocean accelerator starting in Oslo Jan 14th (with 12 amazing, soon to be launched, ocean tech startups from all over the world). One great example of people that inspire us, it the rockstar ocean team at World Wildlife in Norway, our founding partner. Fredrik Myhre and the team are working globally to generate a new wave of support for sustainable seas. By highlighting the importance of healthy oceans, they are working with communities, governments and businesses to end support for damaging activities and invest in creating a healthy marine environment. In addition they are out diving in the Oslo Fjord to clean up trash on a weekly basis - a great example of people who protect what they love!

The Good Nature

Say hello to The Good Nature , which is an online platform for inspiring conversations about sustainable living, environmental advocacy and what it means to live with people and the planet in mind. The Good Nature is for the new environmentalist. We are a community of creatives, entrepreneurs, and adventurers looking out for this place we call home. Together, we are starting conversations about sustainable living, environmental advocacy and what it means to live with an awareness of each-other, and our natural world. We are inspired by people who are transforming their communities and industries in in vastly different ways, with a shared goal in mind - to care for planet earth.


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