CHOOOSE A Cooler Advent Calendar pt. II

CHOOOSE A Cooler Advent Calendar pt. II

We finalize our advent calendar list.

The holidays have come and gone, but with a new year quickly approaching we decided to round up our advent calendar of do-gooders into two big lists that can help inspire new habits and goals for 2019. Read below for the second part of our list and make sure you check out the first installment here.


Ducky turns sustainability goals into personal action! "We deliver digital tools for companies, schools and public sector to involve us as individuals in everyday action. We put numbers on environmental, social and economic savings, and measure change over time. The collective effect of our day-to-day actions is great, but your indirect effects on people, companies and politicians can be truly magnificent.

It is very inspiring to see how many people, young as well as adults, have taken upon meaningful and societal projects throughout our nation. It powers our energy to see that we work together on this. We would like to highlight Per Espen Stoknes 12 min TED Talks, which has 5 very concrete tips on how you can talk about climate that actually lead to action."



Sjøløvene.Plastfangst is an indie design studio made up of surfers tired of watching single-use plastics wreak havoc on our oceans and marine life. We collect and process marine plastic waste and other plastic debris to make collectibles for people to keep in their living room, office or garden – rather than in the ocean. We are inspired by people ticking outside the box, like philosopher Arne Næss for his deep ecology, photographer Chris Jordan and his documentation of marine plastic consequences on the Midway Islands and world champ surfer John John Florence for his style, his beekeeping and his efforts to fend off the use of styrofoam in Hawaii restaurants.

Sjøløvene.Plastfangst collect, process og remelt marine plastic waste and single-use plastics into hand made art and design collectibles.


We all know that we should reduce and reuse, and Lillepanda is making it so much easier! Lillepanda’s goal is to make fashion sustainable, cool and accessible to anyone regardless of age, sex and purchasing power. Where traditional retailers struggle to adapt to consumer demands and expectations, Lillepanda offers services that both satisfy consumers, reduce overuse, negative environmental impact, and contribute to ethical production of clothing. Worn out clothes is re-designed and sold in cooperation with ESMOD Oslo. Lillepanda is a service that offers Premium children's clothes by subscription, easier said, we call it wardrobe streaming service. We currently offer outfit from Helly Hansen and from Q2 2019 we will launch Lillepanda by @famirvoll, our own brand manufactured from the most environmentally friendly materials. We at Lillepanda are not inspired by just a particular person or company who has done something good for the environment. We acknowledges all who work towards a better environment and future. Therefore, our motto is: Think different; Make a difference.


Matcha Bar

Matcha Bar was established in 2014 when brothers Max and Graham Fortgang opened their first Matcha cafe in the US. Two years later, they launched the world’s first ceremonial grade bottled Matcha. With cafes in New York & Los Angeles and the MatchaFam behind them, the brothers embarked on a mission to share better energy with the world. "Matcha Bar is constantly building towards our mantra, ‘good things come to those who hustle.’ Hustle means a lot of things to us and being climate positive is a main piece of the Hustle. As a startup, there are attainable means to make a statement about the environment. Partnering with CHOOOSE we were able to not just eliminate the carbon footprint of our campaign, but actually offset more carbon all together. Half of the battle is starting a conversation. There are simple things a company can do, whether it is a carbon positive campaign, or a commitment to move to 100% compostable cups, lids, and straws by 2019."


Sandra Cathrine Ness from Turnss and co-founder of Artic Whale: An initiative to communicate science and conservation to a global audience, using a sailing vessel as a green non-intrusive platform. With visually spectacular storytelling and whales as ambassadors, they obtain a global outreach reminding us about the importance of caring for nature. Sandra is inspired by Sir David Attenborough, for making not only people care for nature, but also to take action, which at the end of the day is what we need.

Trash Talk

Trash Talk is the result of an exploration about the way in which people relate to nature, and how that shapes the way in which we understand the world. It was inspired by a journey through the Peruvian Amazon that led to the realization of how radically our society has diverged from the logic of interconnection that one experiences in the jungle. It is an attempt to continue looking for ways to align this vision of connection to the earth to the way in which we live, work, and create the world around us. How we decide to live our lives, what we buy and throw out, and our relationship to what we make has a huge impact on the world, yet it mostly goes unspoken. Trash Talk is a living lab helping humans in cities reconnect with the environment through interactive workshops question our role in the face of the environmental crisis, and help us find new ways of relating to what it means to have ecological empathy.

Nordic Ocean Watch

Nordic Ocean Watch is an environmental collective with roots in the Nordic surfing community. Founded by Vilma Havas and Simen Andreas Henrik Knudsen in 2013. Today we have volunteers along the coastlines of Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark who all live and breathe for playing in the ocean and taking care of the ocean. We are mainly focusing on plastic pollution, but our vision is creating an ocean minded lifestyle - we call it #TAVAHA. Every single person who takes action in their own lives inspires us - every day heroes! In order to create systemic and political change we all need to contribute. In general there is a lot of positivity in the community right now, and especially inspiring is the startup Empower Plastic who are building a global plastic waste ecosystem, and has already supported local cleanups in Norway, Sri Lanka, India and Bali.

Kassia + Surf

Kassia + Surg is trying to reshape our world into a more conscious sustainable tomorrow! Kassia + Surf is inspired by freedom, empowerment, the elements and creativity; in creating the highest vibe lowest impact women's surf wear. We are constantly humbled by our mother earth and know how lucky we are to exist on this miracle planet. That said it is our responsibility to create and live in conscious ways. To take care of ourselves, the earth, each other, the elements and all life to help bring back to balance the fragile ecosystem that makes it all possible.

Sustainability Hub Norway

Sustainability Hub Norway believes in the power of business to improve the world, and aims to be a world-class knowledge network and think tank to share knowledge and inspiring best practice in the field of sustainable business. There is a huge difference between good and bad leadership - and what the business world needs now is more long-term, value based leadership to take action and make the changes necessary in the world. S-HUB wants to help accelerate this change through building the ecosystem and community for real sustainable business.We are inspired by corporate leaders with a strong set of values, and want to give a shout out to business hero Paul Polman. Polman is the retiring CEO of Unilever, and in the decade he has been in charge he has been an exceptionally clear voice in how business and sustainability can go hand in hand. With a strong long-term focus, he has delivered shareholder returns of 290% and at the same time inspiring other business leaders to take action.


NNOTHU is a handmade jewellery brand inspired by conceptual art and architectural landscape. "I decided to use Stainless Steel to make our pieces because it's one of the most environmentally friendly metals to produce. At the end of its life, as much as 92% of stainless steel can be reused in new stainless or carbon steel. This is really important in maintaining the quality of our earrings, which in turns keeps our customers from having to buy new earrings regularly. Thus saving the cost and reducing the toxicity in the refining process of metals."


Our mission at TULZ is to create products that don't pollute our oceans. We create tools to increase the reduction of single-use plastic. We are inspired by design and convenience and believe that through these concepts we can inspire others to Reduce their Fork Print.

Earth Guardians

Earth Guardians is inspired by the millions of youth stepping up to turn the tides on some of the greatest issues we face as a global community. Earth Guardians engages thousands of young people across the globe, giving them a voice and direction in order to become effective leaders and make measurable change in their communities. Our mission is to inspire youth by providing them with leadership training and tools to bring their innovative solutions to the world's most pressing environmental and social issues.


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