CHOOOSE and ASIA are celebrating those doing good for the environment

CHOOOSE and ASIA are celebrating those doing good for the environment

Together with ASIA Aker Brygge, CHOOOSE invites you to the next climate positive Afterwork on May 23rd at 5 pm. Location: ASIA Aker Brygge in Oslo, Norway.

Previous events have highlighted great and innovative businesses such as Tise and Katapult Ocean. This time we are excited to present Nordic Foodprint (NOFO), and TotalCtrl! TotalCtrl is

ranked as a top global digital retail innovation company, alongside Amazon and Walmart, and has developed software allowing retailers to better manage their inventory, thereby reducing food

waste, cutting costs and allowing smarter decision-making.

The team behind, who lets you calculate your climate footprint and participate in environmental challenges, works every day to make it easier for individuals, organisations,

businesses, schools and politicians to take on sustainable actions and kick-start the pink and positive thinking.

NOFO is founded by passionate food lovers and environmentalists with the goal to inspire plant-based eating with a near-zero carbon footprint. This pink afternoon, NOFO will top it all off with

some delicious comfort food, made from local, organic, seasonal, & ethically sourced ingredients. Grab a free sample why don’t you?

Not only is restaurant ASIA now the world’s first climate positive restaurant, but did you know that their taquitos cuts more CO2 than it takes to produce them? For each taquitos you buy, ASIA cut 40

kilos of CO2, which is the equivalent to parking your car for two weeks. Climate action finally got yummy!

There’s going to be good prices at the bar, and the profit of the Afterwork goes to 100% Oslo, the campaign that aims to make Oslo the world’s first climate positive city!Hope to see you there!


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