ASIA Aker Brygge becomes the first UN-verified restaurant

ASIA Aker Brygge becomes the first UN-verified restaurant

– To be acknowledged by a global organization is big for a restaurant in Oslo. It gives us boost to work hard, says CEO Linnéa Gustafsson.

With a set of climate measures, ASIA Aker Brygge is part of the UNs Climate Neutral Now initiative with help from CHOOOSE.

The restaurant have made both small and grand efforts to reduce its footprint. No more straws, regular light bulbs are replaced with LED, they offer filtered tap water instead of imported, they sort their organic waste, and they have an extensive vegan and vegetarian menu.

– We hope to inspire others to improve as well, since our line of business, in general, is a bit behind, says CEO of Drueklasen, the owner of ASIA Aker Brygge, Linnéa Gustafsson.

Now, they’ve become the world first UN-verified restaurant in their initiative Climate Neutral Now, which encourages businesses and organizations to voluntarily increase their climate action by measuring, reducing, and offsetting their unavoidable greenhouse gas emissions.

Have reduced 7000 tons of CO2

Asia - the world's first UN-verified restaurant

Knowing that one third out of produced food is wasted, the CEO sees consumption as the key to solving some of the challenges related to climate.

– We want to show others what is possible, and initiate collaboration across the industry so that we can learn from each other. We’re receiving more and more job applications where people state that they are motivated to work here because of our philosophy and sustainability focus, says Operation Manager, Pernille Koppang.

They are in the process of becoming Eco-lighthouse certified, in addition to joining Kutt Matsvinn 2020, an initiative to reduce food waste in Norway. Together with CHOOOSE they have also reduced more than 7000 tons of CO2 through the campaign 100% Oslo, which aims to make the Green European Capital of 2019 climate positive. The carbon credits purchased will finance CO2 reducing projects in developing countries, verified by the UN. The projects will replace oil, coal, and gas with clean energy, in addition to meeting at least three of the UN sustainable development goals.

– It’s great to see how the restaurant ASIA is becoming a leading actor within sustainability, setting an example for the rest of the industry. We hope others are inspired, and that more will join the Climate Neutral Now initiative in the time to come, says CEO of CHOOOSE, Andreas Slettvoll.

Sustainability pays off

Why import water from Italy in big glass bottles when there’s unlimited high-quality water available from the tap? It was cost-efficient, less work and required less storage space. ASIA realized that small and easy measures could make their restaurant more environmentally friendly. Single-use chopsticks are replaced with re-usable ones, the same goes for packaging. Their goal is also to increase the amount of ecological and local foods.

– Single-use is expensive and no good for the environment. The efforts we’re making can’t be done solo, and we depend on collaborating with others. In ten years, thinking of sustainability should be a given and part of everyone's routines, Gustafsson says.


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