Acting on climate change tastes good

Acting on climate change tastes good

Yes, climate positive taquitos is an actual thing.

Recently, CHOOOSE together with JCP, and our great business partners, launched the campaign 100% Oslo. The aim is to make Oslo become the world's first climate positive city by cutting 180 000 tons of CO2, more than the total climate cut goal set for Oslo in 2019. Asia, a restaurant located at Aker Brygge in Oslo, truly have sustainability on their mind. Not only did they see 100% Oslo as a great environmental initiative that engages the citizens, but both customers, suppliers and job applicants are noticing their efforts. Climate positive after work For every taquito (their signature meal) sold at Asia, 2 NOK is donated to the campaign. In 2018, 5 NOK per menu ordered at Christmas parties went to UN-verified projects. On top of that, Asia hosts a monthly climate positive after work presenting people doing good for the environment. It’s safe to say that acting on climate change together with Asia tastes good. – In the world that we live in now, we need to be better at getting together to reach targets that benefits everyone. Climate and the environment should be on top of everyone's mind to secure profitable and sustainable businesses in the future, says operations manager Pernille Koppang. Numerous efforts What inspires Asia, are people that see sustainability as a great business model, finding solutions to their challenges. For instance, through small adjustments, they have reduced the use of 50 000 single-use candles, generating a lot of waste, and also saving the business more than 200 000 NOK on a yearly basis. They’ve had a vegan menu since 2016. No more straws. They’ve reduced the use of single-use packaging. And their containers for takeaway are decomposable. – With Oslo being the European Green Capital, we wanted to contribute to this big and innovate campaign. 100% Oslo is a project that is easy to understand, and it’s fun to communicate it to guests and employees, says Koppang.

The next After work is Thursday, Feb 21st together with TISE. Stop by for climate positive taquitos!


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