9 things you should know about CHOOOSE

It all may seem pretty simple at first but when diving into CHOOOSE and our efforts, it can actually be difficult to navigate. Here, we’ve gathered 9 things you should know about CHOOOSE.

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5 gifts for climate champs

... that aren't things.

3 ways to convince your friend to become a climate champ

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Technology boosting sustainability

Munich and 1E9 is the place to be in July.

Displacing fossil fuels in India

This Solar Power project in Gujarat reduces CO2 emissions by 24,520 tonnes annually.

Repurposing emissions to create clean energy

A starch factory in Thailand turns emissions from wastewater into biogas energy.

Being a CHOOOSER means ...

That it’s easier for you to help combat climate change. If you want to act, but don’t know where to start, CHOOOSE is perfect.

CHOOOSE is a finalist 💚

The competition highlights the Nordic region as hotbeds for innovative, emerging enterprises.

Supplying Vietnam with clean energy

The Bac Lieu wind farm is one of many clean energy projects supported by the individual members of CHOOOSE.

Organic Basics says goodbye to carbon

Teaming up with CHOOOSE, they will offset 100 kilos of CO2 for every order placed.

Tise launches mobile subscription

For each GB surfed, your CO2 footprint is compensated for.

Why become a CHOOOSER?

A collection of gif's to tell the story...

CHOOOSE at #theimpact100

CHOOOSE is proud to be amongst the best Nordic Impact Startups.

5 must-watch environmental movies on Netflix

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