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girl in red goes green with CHOOOSE

The Norwegian musician girl in red is using her voice to raise awareness for climate action by creating one of the world’s first ‘climate positive’ music tours.

– We want to act because we must. There is no other option. The time is now.

Charles Gifford Post and Rachel Pohl just became CHOOOSERs.

Why boat sharing is a genius thing

Kruser is introducing the concept of boat sharing to Norway, and it’s environmentally beneficial all the way.

No noise, no pollution - this is Brim

The founders of the electric ship aim to raise the bar in the tourism industry.

"Use your vote, be an activist"

Meet Nikolai Schirmer, the skier who wants to ride better with lower emissions. Here’s his view climate change.

"No avocados enter the island"

Astrid Regine Nässlander (27), the chef at Manshausen, has her principles.

5 gifts for climate champs

... that aren't things.

A historical roar for the climate

Klimabrølet aims to gather 100 000 people to march for climate action on August 30th.

3 ways to convince your friend to become a climate champ

Our planet needs more climate champs!

Pick & make your own summer snacks

It doesn't get more local than these ingredients, and they're free for everyone to pick!

Ice on Fire: the follow-up by Leo

DiCaprio's second movie on climate change just premiered.

Doing a summer staycation?

There's a bunch of things to do at home too.

3 climate change podcasts for your commute

These are worth checking out.

Repurposing emissions to create clean energy

A starch factory in Thailand turns emissions from wastewater into biogas energy.

Stream the outfits of your kids

Tuckify is revolutionizing retail, letting customers subscribe to kids clothing instead of buying new ones.

Measure your environmental impact with EarthTracks

Our friends at Earth Guardians is launching a free app that aggregates data about our collective impact.

Can sanitary products be sustainable?

Yes! Period.

Clean coral & climate-friendly sunscreens

Prepare for summer with these brands in your beach bag.

Climate-friendly cosmetics

Caring for the planet also means chooosing products that don't exacerbate climate change.

They are spending 9 months in this Svalbard-hut

Project founders, Hilde Fålun Strøm and Sunniva Sorby to embark on nine-month expedition in the High Arctic of Svalbard, Norway.

Radical Broccoli launches new book

Radical Broccoli launches a new book.

Why become a CHOOOSER?

A collection of gif's to tell the story...

Kids these days 💚

Meet the teenage-startup co2ntrol - their slogan is taking back the control of emissions and the environment.

Climate must-reads for your book shelf

You never thought climate change could be entertaining.

A Crash Course In Repurposing Clothing

Revamping old clothes is the new blac

A crevice full of plastic became a summer mission for Simen Knudsen

Taking care of the ocean is the mission of Simen Knudsen. Tavaha is a short documentary about his fight against plastic pollution.

Dr. Lauren Gifford: "If We Don't Have Hope, What Do We Have?"

Dr. Lauren Gifford talks climate science and hope.

A Green Q&A With Loyola Marymount University

Ian McKeown talks sustainability at LMU

Anie Delgado: A Creative With A Heart for the Planet

We talk to the creative about her relationship to the earth

Five Sustainable Habits to Try This Year

Five Tips for a More Sustainable 2019

CHOOOSE A Cooler Advent Calendar pt. II

Part two of our advent calendar is here.

CHOOOSE A Cooler Advent Calendar pt. I

We sum up our advent calendar into a two part list

A Last Minute Guide to Eco-Friendly Gifting

Need ideas for what to gift this holiday season? Let us be your green guides.

Matoma combines real climate action with culture

The documentary about Matoma’s life and the world’s first climate positive music tour is coming to a cinema near you.

As Jackson Hinkle’s Bid for City Council Ends, His Journey Begins

19 years old Jackson Hinkle became one of the youngest to run for City Council. Hinkle gives thanks to those who supported him in this stage of his journey.

A LØVE STORY: The whale-friendly design studio

Norwegian indie design brand SJØLØVE PLASTFANGST utilize marine plastic waste to craft their stuff – as well as CHOOOSE’ING climate positive distribution.

The world’s most climate positive Christmas gift. Ever!

Are you hunting for a meaningful Christmas gift for someone who loves Planet Earth? Good news, we got you covered with a gift card from CHOOOSE!

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