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THIS IS CLIMATE ACTION is a web series where we tap into the authentic stories of brands and individuals engaged in sustainability and the fight against climate change. In this episode, we meet one of the front-runners in sustainable fashion, Danish fashion brand Organic Basics.

Best news of the month: November

The best type of news is good news! Here are some of the most climate positive stories from November that will boost your motivation to fight climate change.

The Christmas gift packed with impact

Say ho-ho-ho to the perfect gift for anyone who loves our planet! The CHOOOSE gift card for climate positivity is packed with impact and now available as a special Christmas edition.

9 things you should know about CHOOOSE

It all may seem pretty simple at first but when diving into CHOOOSE and our efforts, it can actually be difficult to navigate. Here, we’ve gathered 9 things you should know about CHOOOSE.

The perfect Christmas giveaway

One of our favorite Christmas gift options this year comes from the Norwegian Church Aid, and their awesome reforestation project in Ethiopia. In fact, we like it so much that we have decided to join in. So if you’re looking for a Christmas gift that is packed with purpose and impact you should definitely check this one out.

Radical Broccoli

The sister duo, Anette & Susanne, founders of the eco-friendly platform, Radical Broccoli, share their thoughts on how we can create a more sustainable future.

Help us share why we are here

On our mission to create positive impact on Planet Earth, we need more people to know about CHOOOSE. You can help by sharing the message.

5 gifts for climate champs

... that aren't things.

Ways to reduce the footprint of your day-to-day business

Measure. Reduce. Offset.

3 ways to convince your friend to become a climate champ

Our planet needs more climate champs!

3 climate change podcasts for your commute

These are worth checking out.

Dress to impress the planet

Here's how you chooose climate-friendly clothes.

Technology boosting sustainability

Munich and 1E9 is the place to be in July.

Displacing fossil fuels in India

This Solar Power project in Gujarat reduces CO2 emissions by 24,520 tonnes annually.

Clean electricity for 19780 homes

This Hydropower Plant in Vietnam is supported by members of CHOOOSE.

Being a CHOOOSER means ...

That it’s easier for you to help combat climate change. If you want to act, but don’t know where to start, CHOOOSE is perfect.

CHOOOSE is a finalist 💚

The competition highlights the Nordic region as hotbeds for innovative, emerging enterprises.

Supplying Vietnam with clean energy

The Bac Lieu wind farm is one of many clean energy projects supported by the individual members of CHOOOSE.

Clean coral & climate-friendly sunscreens

Prepare for summer with these brands in your beach bag.

Climate-friendly cosmetics

Caring for the planet also means chooosing products that don't exacerbate climate change.

Some food for thought

... on ways to eat environmentally friendly.

Tise launches mobile subscription

For each GB surfed, your CO2 footprint is compensated for.

Why become a CHOOOSER?

A collection of gif's to tell the story...

How to convince your boss that ...

... your business should help combat climate change.

CHOOOSE at #theimpact100

CHOOOSE is proud to be amongst the best Nordic Impact Startups.

Sustainable fashion, how?

With help from F5 Concept Store, we've put together a list of criteria for a long lasting wardrobe.

Climate must-reads for your book shelf

You never thought climate change could be entertaining.

Ever heard of the albedo effect?

Here's what you need to know.

A resilient planet - what does it mean?

Here's your guide to environmental buzzwords and their meaning.

Why you should know the importance of biodiversity

Here's your guide to environmental buzzwords and their meaning.

Reduced 6000 tons of CO2 on behalf of their employees

To battle climate change, Get and Telia is financing a project in Kenya.

Welcome to the Anthropocene. Wait, what?

Here's your guide to environmental buzzwords and their meaning.

Dr. Lauren Gifford: "If We Don't Have Hope, What Do We Have?"

Dr. Lauren Gifford talks climate science and hope.

CHOOOSE A Cooler Advent Calendar pt. II

Part two of our advent calendar is here.

CHOOOSE A Cooler Advent Calendar pt. I

We sum up our advent calendar into a two part list

What are Carbon Credits, and how does it work?

Let us break down for you how all this works.

A Last Minute Guide to Eco-Friendly Gifting

Need ideas for what to gift this holiday season? Let us be your green guides.

This Everyday Material is the Third Largest CO2 Emitter in the World

New reports show surprising numbers behind one of our preferred building materials.

Paris Climate Agreement Adopts Rules for Action

At the COP24 in Poland, nations agree on a set of rules to facilitate a greener transition.

The world’s most climate positive Christmas gift. Ever!

Are you hunting for a meaningful Christmas gift for someone who loves Planet Earth? Good news, we got you covered with a gift card from CHOOOSE!

South Pole and CHOOOSE join forces to drive climate action for all

CHOOOSE partners with South Pole, the world’s leading sustainability solutions provider.

CHOOOSE visiting Sir Richard Branson

Norwegian climate startup CHOOOSE visited Sir Richard Branson on his private island to present at Extreme Tech Challenge.

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