How Users are Embracing the CHOOOSE CO2 Emissions Offsetting Program

Now that

Amadeus invests in CHOOOSE to offer carbon emissions information and climate action options

CHOOOSE offers advanced emissions calculations to assist traveler choice. Amadeus to include end-to-end emission information and offsetting options across travel segments.

Alternative Airlines partners with CHOOOSE to bring high-impact carbon compensation options to travellers globally

As part of its commitment to bringing more sustainable options to customers, Alternative Airlines has partnered with CHOOOSE to launch carbon offsetting opportunities on its global flight search and booking site.

JAL launches new corporate climate program powered by CHOOOSE

As part of their next step in fulfilling their sustainability goals, and in response to increasing customer interest in environmental preservation, JAL Group is launching a new corporate climate program in partnership with climate tech company, CHOOOSE.

CHOOOSE partners with SAP Concur and launches the Climate App, a carbon emissions management solution, now available on SAP Concur App Center

The CHOOOSE Climate App is now available on SAP launches integrated carbon program as part of their commitment to provide travellers with more sustainable travel options is launching its integrated carbon solution to enable users worldwide to address the CO2 emissions of their travel.

Clarksons launches carbon mitigation platform for maritime industry

Clarksons, the world’s leading provider of integrated shipping services, partners with climate-tech company CHOOOSE to enable carbon mitigation solutions for the global maritime industry.

Avianca's customers will be able to offset their travel carbon footprint through alliance with CHOOOSE

As of April 22nd and through an alliance with CHOOOSE, Avianca will be one of the first airlines in the region to have a carbon offsetting platform available for its customers.

Finnair partners with CHOOOSE to offer its customers high-impact climate compensation options

Finnair continues its journey towards carbon neutrality by partnering with CHOOOSE and invites customers to address the carbon footprint of their flights.

Japan Airlines launches carbon compensation program in partnership with CHOOOSE

Japan’s flag carrier and largest airline, Japan Airlines (JAL) have partnered with climate-tech company CHOOOSE to launch a voluntary carbon compensation program for all domestic and international travelers.

Jazeera Airways launches carbon offset program to address travel footprint

Jazeera Airways partners with CHOOOSE and becomes the first Kuwaiti airline and first LCC in the region to launch a climate compensation initiative.

Heathrow become first UK airport to offer passengers the chance to offset carbon emissions with Sustainable Aviation Fuel

Heathrow will become the first UK airport to offer passengers the chance to offset carbon emissions by directly purchasing Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) for flights from 25th October.

Copolo joins the US market as a new online travel agency offering a more sustainable approach to travel

Copolo enters the US travel market in partnership with CHOOOSE, integrating climate action as part of the customer journey.

Outdoor Voices teams up with CHOOOSE for the launch of The Solar Short

Outdoor Voices partners with CHOOOSE to introduce The Solar Short – a solar-panel inspired classic nylon short that bundles performance with climate impact.

Bologna Airport becomes first Italian airport to introduce CO2 offsetting to all its passengers

Bologna Guglielmo Marconi airport partners with climate tech company CHOOOSE to make flight offsetting available for its 8 million annual travellers.

TourRadar partners with CHOOOSE to bring climate action to your next adventure

Knowing that any travel leaves an environmental footprint, TourRadar now launches a new suite of tools to encourage sustainable travel and empowers its global community to act on climate change by addressing, offsetting, and taking responsibility for its travel footprint.

Everything you need to manage and minimize your company's carbon footprint

There is a rising demand from employees, consumers and shareholders expecting social responsibility and climate protection to be part of a company's DNA and offerings. But despite an accelerating internal and external demand for climate action, most companies don't know where to begin. With WeCHOOOSE, you can implement an impactful corporate sustainability program today.

National Express partners with CHOOOSE to help coach passengers to take climate-positive action

The UK’s largest coach operator National Express is now offering carbon offsetting as a simple and integrated part of the booking process for its coach customers.

You make moves, we plant trees

From June 14, we’re donating trees in exchange for your exercise once again with

Breitling partners with CHOOOSE to offset its carbon footprint

The Swiss luxury watch brand Breitling knows that every second counts and partners with climate-tech company CHOOOSE to join the race against time to fight climate change.

Lonely Planet partners with CHOOOSE to make climate action available for global travelers

The partnership enables travelers from all corners of the world to take responsibility for the carbon footprint of every aspect of their journey through impactful travel offsetting.

How the travel industry works with CHOOOSE to build back better

While most parts of the world are closed, the travel industry works to build back better and prepare for the day when the world reopens. This is how world-leading travel enterprises use CHOOOSE technology to enable their customers to opt-in on climate.

The movers and shakers of responsible banking

A green demand is on the rise across most industries. Meet one of the economic transformers who lead banking and our economy in a green direction.

Navigator Gas partners with CHOOOSE and announces its first carbon-neutral sea voyage

Navigator Gas continues its drive to pioneer sustainability in the shipping sector and decarbonizing the maritime supply chain by announcing its first carbon-neutral sea voyage.

Withlocals partners with CHOOOSE to offer climate compensated travel experiences

Experiential travel company Withlocals partners with CHOOOSE to offer travellers unique experiences with a low carbon footprint – and pledge net zero emissions by the end of 2021.

Online travel club Bidroom join forces with CHOOOSE to make climate action available for all its members

The partnership enables over a quarter million Bidroom-members from all corners of the world to take responsibility for the carbon footprint of their journey through impactful travel offsetting.

How world leading brands works with CHOOOSE to put sustainability at the core of everyday actions

Seamless integrations, tailored solutions, and a lasting positive climate impact. That’s how we help brands make climate action easy for their customers!

Huge success for ViMove: 150,000 new trees to protect the climate

Viessmann launched "ViMove for Climate" in partnership with CHOOOSE this summer, and invited employees, partners, athletes, friends, and family to run or bike to help fight climate change

Introducing the new reused phone integrated with CHOOOSE

Say hello to INDY, the new second-hand phone that makes it easy not to make “climate stupid” choices (like buying a new one).

Viessmann launches “ViMove for climate” in partnership with CHOOOSE

Viessmann takes responsibility and part in climate protection with "ViMove for Climate", by supporting tree planting and reforestation projects through CHOOOSE.

-I believe caring for the environment and the generations to come should be at the core for every one of us.

Astrid S has teamed up with eco.logic and CHOOOSE to create a new, more conscious merchandise-collection based on good choices.

Meet the restaurant that puts sustainability on the menu

In this episode of «This Is Climate Action», we visit restaurant Asia in Oslo, Norway, where they put environmental impact at the core.

Telia: getting focused on what counts

This past Christmas, Telia invited their employees to turn focus into climate action. Telia rewarded each employee who used the app for 20 minutes or more, by offsetting carbon on their behalf through CHOOOSE.

Ready, set, Ice Race!

Watch the highlights from GP Ice Race 2020.

Thank you for the proud moments

Climate positivity can be plugged into almost anything and at CHOOOSE we are stoked to be teaming up with so many awesome people and brands that wants to lead the way by creating real and positive change.

–We need to start thinking quality over quantity

In this episode of «This Is Climate Action», we meet Magnus Eriksen, Co-Founder and Partner of Danish design studio LARSEN & ERIKSEN.

GP Ice Race 2020: First rally event in history to integrate climate action

This past weekend, 1st and 2nd of February 2020, the legendary GP Ice Race returned to Zell am See in Austria. Along came a new partner - and a new sustainable agenda.

World’s first "climate positive" feature film verified by the UNFCCC

The Norwegian film industry steps onto the climate action stage and gets acknowledged by UNFCCC.

Viessmann brings climate action to the GP Ice Race 2020

The sponsor behind this year’s GP Ice Race is Viessmann, one of the world’s premier sponsors of winter sports. The German company wants to use its voice to help address the climate cause and connect climate action to an event that gathers thousands of people. To do so, Viessmann has teamed up with CHOOOSE.

Heathrow Airport partners with CHOOOSE to introduce CO2 offsetting to all its passengers

The UK's biggest airport, Heathrow, partners with climate company CHOOOSE to make flight offsetting available for its 80 million annual travelers.

MatchaBar launches Rebrand and Expands Line of Plant-Based Matcha Energy with New Flavors and a Carbon Offset Initiative

We are extremely proud that Hustle teams up with CHOOOSE to create what is probably the world’s first climate-positive energy drink!

Norwegian introduces seamless CO2-offsetting solution with CHOOOSE

Anyone traveling with Norwegian can now offset their personal CO2-footprint with a seamlessly integrated technology solution from climate tech company CHOOOSE. The solution is also the first-ever from an airline to be approved by the United Nations initiative ‘Climate Neutral Now’.

–We like to challenge the «business as usual»

THIS IS CLIMATE ACTION is a web series where we tap into the authentic stories of brands and individuals engaged in sustainability and the fight against climate change. In this episode, we meet one of the front-runners in sustainable fashion, Danish fashion brand Organic Basics.

CHOOOSE pink Friday with L´envers

L´Envers fashion wants to take responsibility and create a positive impact, for today and tomorrow! They are giving 1% of their benefits to become even more earth-friendly by partnering up with CHOOOSE.

Ministry of Supply redesigns the fashion supply chain to reduce carbon footprint

US high-tech apparel brand Ministry of Supply sets a new environmental standard by cutting down on carbon emissions throughout their supply chain -- and partnering with CHOOOSE to invest in a solar project in China.

Norwegian offers customers seamless CO2-offsetting through CHOOOSE

Norwegian has partnered CHOOOSE to make it easy for customers to offset their carbon footprint when buying a ticket with the airline. The initiative has been welcomed by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).

foodpanda Singapore furthers its sustainability efforts with Happy Hour with an Impact

To celebrate World Food Day, the Singapore’s leading food delivery company, partners with CHOOOSE to provide ‘climate positive’ option.

Foodpanda teams up with CHOOOSE

Like most things in life, bringing good food into the everyday has an environmental footprint. Foodpanda believe in avoiding as much of this as they can 🌎

Why boat sharing is a genius thing

Kruser is introducing the concept of boat sharing to Norway, and it’s environmentally beneficial all the way.

No noise, no pollution - this is Brim

The founders of the electric ship aim to raise the bar in the tourism industry.

Kragerøfest goes 'climate-neutral'

Teaming up with CHOOOSE, Kragerøfest reduces a total of 160 tonnes of CO2 and thereby makes all guests and artists climate-neutral during the festival.

Recap: La Luna 2019

La Luna teamed up with CHOOOSE for their 'sultry summer dance affair'.

Ways to reduce the footprint of your day-to-day business

Measure. Reduce. Offset.

Our kind of festival

The countdown to Passion for Ocean has begun.

Software for sustainability

At delodi, they care for the triple bottom line.

Stream the outfits of your kids

Tuckify is revolutionizing retail, letting customers subscribe to kids clothing instead of buying new ones.

Can sanitary products be sustainable?

Yes! Period.

5 days left to grab your first pair of elliotts

These sneakers are vegan and upcycled. What more can you ask for?

Organic Basics says goodbye to carbon

Teaming up with CHOOOSE, they will offset 100 kilos of CO2 for every order placed.

Designers Remix is signing UN climate initiative

Designers Remix is officially signing the United Nations Climate Neutral Now Pledge as the first Danish designer brand.

ASIA Aker Brygge becomes the first UN-verified restaurant

The restaurant is part of the Climate Neutral Now initiative.

Get to know Passion for Ocean & NoFo

at our last after work at ASIA Aker Brygge before summer.

Stavanger goes climate positive thanks to Nysnø

On the occasion of Driva, the climate investment meeting in Stavanger, the footprint of the whole city’s population will be offset throughout the whole day.

CHOOOSE and ASIA are celebrating those doing good for the environment

Together with ASIA Aker Brygge, CHOOOSE invites you to the next climate positive Afterwork on May 23rd at 5 pm. Location: ASIA Aker Brygge in Oslo, Norway.

Turning Footprints Into Climate Action at Katapult Future Fest

Walkolution and CHOOOSE are teaming up.

Ocean solutions @ Skur 13

CHOOOSE joins the Ocean Now festival in June.

Volt launches climate positive clothes

Every piece of clothing is a way of fighting climate change.

Tise launches mobile subscription

For each GB surfed, your CO2 footprint is compensated for.

Now you can walk the talk

The new Danish sneakers brand elliott joins forces with CHOOOSE!

Meet Telia and Tuckify

CHOOOSE and ASIA want to celebrate those doing good for the environment.

Small bottle - big impact

The Ocean Bottle empowers individuals to stop plastic pollution.

How to convince your boss that ...

... your business should help combat climate change.

Kids these days 💚

Meet the teenage-startup co2ntrol - their slogan is taking back the control of emissions and the environment.

– We aim to solve important issues

To PwC, caring about the environment is an obvious social responsibility.

Meet Katapult Ocean at our next Afterwork

CHOOOSE and ASIA want to celebrate those doing good for the environment.

Get & Telia: "It's a win-win situation"

Why a true involvement in sustainability is a great thing for the company.

Acting on climate change tastes good

Yes, climate positive taquitos is an actual thing.

This Finnish tech company is acting on climate change

VALA Group Oy is compensating the environmental footprint of their employees.

Reduced 6000 tons of CO2 on behalf of their employees

To battle climate change, Get and Telia is financing a project in Kenya.

CHOOOSE a sustainable sky!

OceanSky joins forces with CHOOOSE for their expedition from Svalbard to The North Pole.

CHOOOSE A Cooler Advent Calendar pt. II

Part two of our advent calendar is here.

CHOOOSE A Cooler Advent Calendar pt. I

We sum up our advent calendar into a two part list

JAJA Tequila Gives Back with a Toast

JAJA is the new tequila brand that vows to protect the environment.

Bear Coast Coffee: The Climate Positive Beach Cafe

Bear Coast Coffee has a climate positive menu, is near the beach, and is only an hour away from Los Angeles. Time to take a little out of town grub trip.

Say hello to Slushtainability!

Hurray! Slush is launching a Carbon Offsetting Partnership with Fortum and CHOOOSE!

Join us for the world’s first climate positive afterwork!

Our great partner Asia Aker Brygge are now initiating the first #climatepositive afterwork ever in a series of events.

A LØVE STORY: The whale-friendly design studio

Norwegian indie design brand SJØLØVE PLASTFANGST utilize marine plastic waste to craft their stuff – as well as CHOOOSE’ING climate positive distribution.

South Pole and CHOOOSE join forces to drive climate action for all

CHOOOSE partners with South Pole, the world’s leading sustainability solutions provider.

Ever heard of a climate positive taquitos?

Ever heard of a climate positive taquitos? Well, this is the world’s first! 👋🏼🌮🎉

The morning rave that cleans the planet as you dance

Did you know that you can fight climate change while dancing in the AM?

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