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Hey, Coldplay - Call CHOOOSE today!

CHOOOSE offers climate positive tour - and we'd love to team up with Coldplay.

Scoring for climate action

Football player Morten Thorsby teams up with CHOOOSE.

Astrid S teams up with CHOOOSE to combine climate action with culture

Astrid S announces her biggest ever tour: Astrid_S: World Tour part one, a United Nations Certified ‘Climate Positive’ Tour in Partnership with CHOOOSE.

Holy shorts! Outdoor Voices teams up with CHOOOSE for the launch of The Solar Shorts

Outdoor Voices partners with CHOOOSE to introduce The Solar Short – a solar-panel inspired classic nylon short that bundles performance with climate impact.

Foodpanda teams up with CHOOOSE

Like most things in life, bringing good food into the everyday has an environmental footprint. Foodpanda believe in avoiding as much of this as they can 🌎

girl in red goes green with CHOOOSE

The Norwegian musician girl in red is using her voice to raise awareness for climate action by creating one of the world’s first ‘climate positive’ music tours.

– We want to act because we must. There is no other option. The time is now.

Charles Gifford Post and Rachel Pohl just became CHOOOSERs.

Kragerøfest goes 'climate-neutral'

Teaming up with CHOOOSE, Kragerøfest reduces a total of 160 tonnes of CO2 and thereby makes all guests and artists climate-neutral during the festival.

Recap: La Luna 2019

La Luna teamed up with CHOOOSE for their 'sultry summer dance affair'.

A historical roar for the climate

Klimabrølet aims to gather 100 000 people to march for climate action on August 30th.

Pick & make your own summer snacks

It doesn't get more local than these ingredients, and they're free for everyone to pick!

Ice on Fire: the follow-up by Leo

DiCaprio's second movie on climate change just premiered.

Our kind of festival

The countdown to Passion for Ocean has begun.

Doing a summer staycation?

There's a bunch of things to do at home too.

3 climate change podcasts for your commute

These are worth checking out.

Dress to impress the planet

Here's how you chooose climate-friendly clothes.

Technology boosting sustainability

Munich and 1E9 is the place to be in July.

Measure your environmental impact with EarthTracks

Our friends at Earth Guardians is launching a free app that aggregates data about our collective impact.

CHOOOSE is a finalist 💚

The competition highlights the Nordic region as hotbeds for innovative, emerging enterprises.

5 days left to grab your first pair of elliotts

These sneakers are vegan and upcycled. What more can you ask for?

Organic Basics says goodbye to carbon

Teaming up with CHOOOSE, they will offset 100 kilos of CO2 for every order placed.

Contemporary art + climate measures = 🤩

OpenART, Scandinavias largest biennial for contemporary art, integrate climate measures as they open their 2019 edition of the exhibition.

Designers Remix is signing UN climate initiative

Designers Remix is officially signing the United Nations Climate Neutral Now Pledge as the first Danish designer brand.

Jumping for climate action

The national ski jumping team of Norway announces a collaboration with the climate company CHOOOSE.

Some food for thought

... on ways to eat environmentally friendly.

Get to know Passion for Ocean & NoFo

at our last after work at ASIA Aker Brygge before summer.

La Luna 2019 celebrates sustainability

For each ticket bought, 1 USD goes to CO2 reducing projects verified by the UN.

Stavanger goes climate positive thanks to Nysnø

On the occasion of Driva, the climate investment meeting in Stavanger, the footprint of the whole city’s population will be offset throughout the whole day.

CHOOOSE and ASIA are celebrating those doing good for the environment

Together with ASIA Aker Brygge, CHOOOSE invites you to the next climate positive Afterwork on May 23rd at 5 pm. Location: ASIA Aker Brygge in Oslo, Norway.

Turning Footprints Into Climate Action at Katapult Future Fest

Walkolution and CHOOOSE are teaming up.

Radical Broccoli launches new book

Radical Broccoli launches a new book.

Ocean solutions @ Skur 13

CHOOOSE joins the Ocean Now festival in June.

The world’s first «climate positive» hockey team

Sports and the Entertainment Industry has a fundamental role to raise awareness for climate action, and now the Norwegian national hockey team takes lead.

Volt launches climate positive clothes

Every piece of clothing is a way of fighting climate change.

Now you can walk the talk

The new Danish sneakers brand elliott joins forces with CHOOOSE!

Meet Telia and Tuckify

CHOOOSE and ASIA want to celebrate those doing good for the environment.

Kids these days 💚

Meet the teenage-startup co2ntrol - their slogan is taking back the control of emissions and the environment.

Sustainable fashion, how?

With help from F5 Concept Store, we've put together a list of criteria for a long lasting wardrobe.

Athletes combating climate change while ski jumping

On behalf of the ski jump athletes participating at RAW AIR, CHOOOSE will reduce 1 kilo of CO2 per meter during the tournament in Kollen.

Meet Katapult Ocean at our next Afterwork

CHOOOSE and ASIA want to celebrate those doing good for the environment.

Climate must-reads for your book shelf

You never thought climate change could be entertaining.

Get & Telia: "It's a win-win situation"

Why a true involvement in sustainability is a great thing for the company.

Acting on climate change tastes good

Yes, climate positive taquitos is an actual thing.

5 must-watch environmental movies on Netflix

Want to understand more about the effects of climate change? We've put together a list of five must-watch movies available on Netflix.

A Crash Course In Repurposing Clothing

Revamping old clothes is the new blac

A Green Q&A With Loyola Marymount University

Ian McKeown talks sustainability at LMU

Anie Delgado: A Creative With A Heart for the Planet

We talk to the creative about her relationship to the earth

Five Sustainable Habits to Try This Year

Five Tips for a More Sustainable 2019

Matoma combines real climate action with culture

The documentary about Matoma’s life and the world’s first climate positive music tour is coming to a cinema near you.

Say hello to Slushtainability!

Hurray! Slush is launching a Carbon Offsetting Partnership with Fortum and CHOOOSE!

As Jackson Hinkle’s Bid for City Council Ends, His Journey Begins

19 years old Jackson Hinkle became one of the youngest to run for City Council. Hinkle gives thanks to those who supported him in this stage of his journey.

Join us for the world’s first climate positive afterwork!

Our great partner Asia Aker Brygge are now initiating the first #climatepositive afterwork ever in a series of events.

The world’s most climate positive Christmas gift. Ever!

Are you hunting for a meaningful Christmas gift for someone who loves Planet Earth? Good news, we got you covered with a gift card from CHOOOSE!

Ever heard of a climate positive taquitos?

Ever heard of a climate positive taquitos? Well, this is the world’s first! 👋🏼🌮🎉

The morning rave that cleans the planet as you dance

Did you know that you can fight climate change while dancing in the AM?

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