CHOOOSE pink Friday with L´envers

L´Envers Fashion CHOOOSE climate action fashion black friday

L´Envers fashion wants to take responsibility and create a positive impact, for today and tomorrow! They are giving 1% of their benefits to become even more earth-friendly by partnering up with CHOOOSE. They will support some of the most impactful CO2-reducing projects around the world, which are carefully handpicked and verified by acknowledged institutions such as the United Nations.

Even if the impact of the garments is very limited it still leaves an unavoidable carbon footprint. No matter how sustainably sourced the wool and cotton are. This is a fact we can´t ignore and L´ Envers fashion are keen to think about a climate positive initiative and offset their CO2 emissions.

Today they won't  be offering any discount and their e-shop will be closed - as they are encouraging a “Buy Nothing” day. Julie, founder of L´Envers says;

“When in 2015 I realized the huge social and environmental impact of the textile industry, I decided to launch my own fashion brand taking a stand to promote sustainability. With a philosophy to fight against poor quality and fast fashion, we are working exclusively at a local scale with artisans knitting our high-quality garments. Since fabrics have a vast environmental impact in the production of each garment, our main focus is always to choose the most sustainable fabrics available: natural wool and organic cotton we source exclusively in Spain and France”.

If you want to join pink friday with L´Envers fashion, check them out here.


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