Software for sustainability

Software for sustainability

At delodi, they care for the triple bottom line.

Heard of SCRUM, design sprints, LEAN and happiness thinking? Didn’t think so. Unless you’re a techie, of course.

Massive shifts

These are everyday terms for the employees at delodi, a software and product engineering company from Germany. They believe in the triple bottom line - that profit is an enabler for contributing towards a good planet and happy people. Now they are teaming up with CHOOOSE, making all of their employees climate positive on a yearly basis.

Climate positive employees

“We are now beginning to use the law of accelerating returns on technologies like Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Human Augmentation, CRISPr, 3D-Production, Distributed Systems like Blockchain, Autonomous Robots and more. The unfolding of these technologies in the form of products and solutions we could only dream of until now will induce massive shifts in the way we run our societies, the world and the understanding of ourselves as humans” they state.

Bluedot Projects

At delodi, they believe in the power of using software to help make the planet a good place. They reserve time explicitly for their Bluedot Projects.

They state: “As a reminder that our planet is nothing but a pale blue dot if you look at it from a distance. It is fragile, precious and the only home we have - so far”.

So, back to the terms we introduced in the beginning. How does delodi actually work?

Throughout a Design Sprint, teams at delodi narrow down a specific problem, identify possible solutions and transfer these into hypotheses which are then tested. As a result, they short-cut weeks of endless debate-cycles and have a tested prototype on their hands going forward. In the same way, SCRUM as a methodology means that new code is written in short cycles and with a LEAN approach, with a build-measure-learn cycle in order to be successful.


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