Can sanitary products be sustainable?

Can sanitary products be sustainable?

Yes! Period.

If you knew that there existed a re-usable sanitary product that protects you for 12 hours, without any toxic chemicals, and in addition would save you a lot of money - would you buy it? Yes, that’s a leading question. And yes, that product actually exists! It’s called a menstrual cup, and we’ve had a chat with Flove and it’s founder, Jeanett Pettersen, about the benefits of using it.

A waste issue

– Your vagina is the most absorbing organ of your body, and many conventional menstrual products contain potentially toxic chemicals, perfume, pesticides from cotton production and other hormone disruptive substances. I wanted to develop a menstrual cup that is well documented, that can help women with their menstrual challenges and at the same time do good for the environment, says Jeanett Pettersen. Single-use menstrual products such as tampons and sanitary napkins have a huge environmental footprint. The emissions from producing the products are massive and demand a great amount of water. When these products are flushed down the toilet, the problems are exacerbated, harming the oceans, nature, and animals.

Health benefits

– Switching to a menstrual cup such as Flove is better for your health, the flora and the environment, Pettersen says. With a background in advertising and communications, she was annoyed by the marketing of these products. For a period of time, she was responsible for various voluntary programs in Africa and then learned that the period was an issue for many women, in addition to the environment.

Making it mainstream

She decided to develop her own menstrual cup, with the mission of making it mainstream. Being transparent about the development and production process is key to Jeanett, and on their website, you’ll even learn what type of silicon the cup is made of, or who makes the packaging of the product. – It has been a bumpy road with many challenges and difficult decisions to make, but all the way the idea has been to make Flove stand out both in the way it’s communicated and designed, to create a bigger reach and make more consumers dare to make the switch, she says. The cup lasts for years, and you can use it while you swim, sleep, work out. Curious about how it works? Read up and get yours at


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