Get & Telia: "It's a win-win situation"

Get & Telia: "It's a win-win situation"

Why a true involvement in sustainability is a great thing for the company.

CHOOOSE recently launched the campaign 100% Oslo, together with JCP, and our great business partners. The aim is to make Oslo become the world's first climate positive city by cutting 180 000 tons of CO2, more than the total climate cut goal set for Oslo in 2019. Get and Telia sets the standard, contributing to reducing 25548 tons of global CO2 with UN-certified projects, making up a total of 15 percent of the set goal. – Our collaboration with CHOOOSE stretches a few years back now, and we’re proud of this both internally and externally, says Head of Communication, Sebastian Eidem.

Replaced widgets & wine So how are they spending their carbon credits? Thanks to Get, Amundsen is the world’s first climate positive feature film. The project received attention by both the UN and Trine Skei Grande, the Minister of Culture and Equality in Norway.

– Sustainability is, in fact, amongst one of our most important strategical focus areas in the time ahead. Being that we sponsored this feature film in a time when the climate is changing dramatically, it added an extra dimension to our collaboration, a dimension we're very much proud of, Eidem says.

In addition, a substantial part of the purchased carbon credits was given to employees as Christmas gifts. – They felt it was more rewarding and meaningful than getting a widget or bottle of wine. But it doesn’t stop there. As we speak, Get is in the process of being Eco-lighthouse certified, and together with Telia, they are taking measures such as reducing the amount of travel, electrifying the car fleet and recycling. – In 2021, Telia will move into brand new Head Quarters at Økern, being amongst one of the most sustainable business facilities in the country, he says. Inspiring leadership Eidem is convinced that both customers, employees and the society, in general, expects them to take responsibility for their business, and to do more than just the basics.

– A true involvement in sustainability is a win-win situation and a great thing for the company to feel proud about, Eidem says.

The CEO of Telia, Johan Dennelind, have set sustainability as a top priority for the company. – It’s inspiring to have a leader that challenges the employees on finding new ways to reaching our set environmental goals. For years, Patagonia and others have shown that it’s good for both society and business, Eidem says.


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