Telia: getting focused on what counts


This past Christmas, Telia invited their employees to turn focus into climate action.

When deciding on what to give their employees for Christmas, the telecommunications company knew they wanted to support the mental health of their people as well as doing something good for the environment. So through a creative collaboration with concentration app HOLD, Telia employees were encouraged to reduce the stress of December by getting focused and being present. Telia then rewarded each employee who used the app for 20 minutes or more, by offsetting carbon on their behalf through CHOOOSE.

HOLD is an app that helps you put your phone aside and get focused for situations needing your full attention. Whether it be to complete a project at work, or spending time with your loved ones, the app is designed to help you focus on one thing at a time, rather than multitasking which, in turn, supports mental health.

“We all know that mental health is becoming a big challenge in our society and we, as employers must take this very seriously,” says Chris Hovde, Global People Movement Lead at Telia Norway.

The Christmas gift was promoted throughout the month of December and the employees of Telia collectively reached a total of almost 2000 tonnes of CO2 reduction; That’s the equivalent of 37 528 fewer flights from London to Paris or 24 393 250 imported bananas!

When asked how the initiative was received by the Telia employees, Chris responded, “Really well! As many as 455 of my colleagues took part and used the app for an average of 3 hours per day. I think the result speaks for itself.”

Due to Telia’s ambition to become climate champions, as well as ensuring a calm and positive workplace for their employees, this initiative was set in motion entirely of their own accord and we could not be happier. They have contributed towards reducing nearly 2000 tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere and through their contribution they are supporting projects in developing countries helping to replace coal and oil with renewable energy. The projects also correspond to 3 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. This is the kind of thing that warms our hearts here at CHOOOSE. A BIG thank you to team Telia!

This is not the first time Telia has gone the extra mile to do something positive for the environment. Check out their other initiatives like the world’s first climate-positive feature film, and the Christmas gift from 2018!

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