Hey, Coldplay - Call CHOOOSE today!

Coldplay CHOOOSE

So we just read that Coldplay will pause touring until they can offer 'environmentally beneficial and climate neutral' concerts.

The good thing is, we got a solution for you!

We’ve already launched some of the world’s first climate positive tours in collaboration with Matoma, Astrid S and girl in red - and we’d love to have you next.

And to all the Coldplay fans out there, please go to our Instagram-account, share this image in your story and tag @coldplay & @chooosetoday if you want to see your favorite band on the road again ♻️🎶

Hey Coldplay, call CHOOOSE today!

And hey Coldplay, you can reach us at hey@chooose.today

The world's first climate positive tour with Matoma and CHOOOSE


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