Inspo of the Week: Grönska

Vertical farming plants urban

Vertical farming means cities can become more self-sufficient.

CHOOOSE wants to create a new conversation around climate change! One that is pink and positive rather than green and grumpy. We cheer for people, solutions, businesses, organizations, and actions that help the climate.

In this weekly column, we’ll introduce something or someone that inspires us. It doesn’t matter if it’s new or old, or if it has a large or small impact. It’s anything that encourages climate action because everything counts.

Grönska is a tech startup from Sweden and among Europe’s largest vertical farms. Not only have they developed the technology and systems, but they also take care of the farming itself, thereby being an end-to-end company. In addition to their own facilities, they’ve launched the project GrowOff to grow plants in-store and in restaurants. Solutions like these by Grönska make cities more self-sufficient and reduces the need for transport. In addition there are no pesticides, decreased water usage, it’s more energy efficient, and it has an all-year-round season. Need we say more?


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