Inspo of the Week: Living walls

living walls plants sustainable

We 💚 green urban spaces.

CHOOOSE wants to create a new conversation around climate change! One that is pink and positive rather than green and grumpy. We cheer for people, solutions, businesses, organizations, and actions that help the climate.

In this weekly column, we’ll introduce something or someone that inspires us. It doesn’t matter if it’s new or old, or if it has a large or small impact. It’s anything that encourages climate action because everything counts.

Knowing that air pollution is a big issue in large cities, we dig the idea of green or living walls as a part of the solution! In addition to improving the air, it also helps biodiversity. London has been rolling out several projects, both from private initiators and the public authorities. We hope to see more of that!

We 💚 green urban spaces.


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