Inspo of the Week: Samsø Island

samso climate neutral denmark

This island in Denmark produces more energy than it consumes.

CHOOOSE wants to create a new conversation around climate change! One that is pink and positive rather than green and grumpy. We cheer for people, solutions, businesses, organizations, and actions that help the climate.

In this weekly column, we’ll introduce something or someone that inspires us. It doesn’t matter if it’s new or old, or if it has a large or small impact. It’s anything that encourages climate action because everything counts.

The island Samsø off the coast of Denmark, actually became carbon neutral in only a decade. Encouraged by a competition hosted by the Danish ministry of environment and energy, 11 installed wind turbines made the habitants of the island self-sufficient. Community buy-in was an essential part of it. Pretty inspiring, right?

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