Inspo of the Week: Zero Waste Stores

zero waste shopping

Is this the future for grocery shopping?

CHOOOSE wants to create a new conversation around climate change! One that is pink and positive rather than green and grumpy. We cheer for people, solutions, businesses, organizations, and actions that help the climate.

In this weekly column, we’ll introduce something or someone that inspires us. It doesn’t matter if it’s new or old, or if it has a large or small impact. It’s anything that encourages climate action because everything counts.

Try to do a 30-day challenge where you collect plastic waste from the groceries and products you consume. You’ll probably be shocked by the amounts of packaging that comes with it. So, we’re very much inspired by zero-waste stores that are spreading out worldwide as we speak! These stores allow you to shop for groceries without any additional plastic or packaging, you simply bring cotton bags or jars of your own. Imagine the impact if this went mainstream. Yay to solutions like these!


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