JAJA Tequila Gives Back with a Toast

JAJA Tequila Gives Back with a Toast

JAJA is a new tequila brand that gives back to where it comes from.

The drive to the JAJA Tequila distillery takes you through lesser travelled roads, with houses in an array of bright colors lining either side of the street until the road clears and blue agave fields spread out everywhere, stopped only by the barrier of the mountains that cast shadows upon the land. Tequila, the town in Jalisco, is the central area of production for the eponymous elixir - a beverage as old and as mystical as its landscape. It is also the birthplace of JAJA, a tequila brand that not only invites a new type of consumer into honoring the centuries old traditions of the agave drink, but also has sustainable practices as one of their core values.JAJA was established in New York City by Martin Hoffstein, Maurice Tebele, and Elliot Tebele (the latter of whom created the highly successful meme account FuckJerry) after realizing there was space in the market for a type of high-quality tequila that didn’t look like it was meant to be drank by older men in dimly light cantinas. Alongside the agency Gin Lane they came up with a type of branding that represented their ethos: colorful, celebratory, youthful. Their labels draw the landscape of its birthplace in pink and blue hues for their Reposado and Blanco batches, respectively - a choice that reflects the praise for the roots of the product. But beyond honoring the town of Tequila, JAJA knows it has a responsibility to protect the environment it comes from and promote a humane and sustainable working environment that is aligned with their values. One of our core values is maintaining a healthy ecosystem in Mexico, and throughout the lifecycle of the product.” The JAJA founders tell us. “We have a charitable component where we donate $1.00 per case sold to the Tequila Interchange Project. This non-profit focuses on sustaining bat life in Jalisco. Bats prey on Agave, and is essential part of the ecosystem in Jalisco. They also focus on the healthy working conditions of the Jimadores – those are the harvesters who work the Agave fields with an axe in hand. Additionally, the materials we use are renewable. Over 30% of our bottle is comprised of recycled materials. Our packaging uses no plastic, and only wood/paper corks and labels.”JAJA does not promote the type of excess drinking that can be prevalent amongst younger people, rather, they want to use their product to educate on the finesseness and the ritualistic aspect of drinking good alcohol. It is meant to be savored and respected, drank in unison to create a communal environment. The name JAJA says it all - it is meant to be celebratory, surrounded by laughter and invaluable memories. It is triple distilled for purity, which prevents dreary hangovers after a night of celebration, and with its aim to do good for the environment too, JAJA offers a lot to smile about.Photo Credit: courtesy of JAJA Tequila


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