Kragerøfest goes 'climate-neutral'

Kragerøfest goes 'climate-neutral'

Teaming up with CHOOOSE, Kragerøfest reduces a total of 160 tonnes of CO2 by making all guests and artists 'climate-neutral' during the festival. Today marks the opening of the very first edition of the music festival Kragerøfest in southern Norway! Teaming up with CHOOOSE, they will make all guests 'climate-neutral' during the festival, in addition to reducing 10 tonnes of CO2 per artist or band - reducing their environmental footprint for a whole year. Unge Ferrari, Fay Wildhagen, Klovner i Kamp and Girl in Red are amongst those performing in Norway's popular summer paradise this weekend. A total of 160 tonnes of CO2 is reduced by the festival. With help from CHOOOSE, this is done by funding UN-verified projects in developing countries that replace fossil fuels with renewable energy.

Green measures

The festival is making many sustainable efforts to make the festival climate-friendly. Drinks are served in deposit bottles or cans, collected by local teams during the festival and recycled afterward. No other disposable plastic is used, as cutlery and packaging are made of paper or wood. There will be vegan and vegetarian options by REMA and other partners, and left-over food will be sold via Too Good to Go or given to charities. As a result of these measures and the collaboration with CHOOOSE, Kragerøfest is now verified by the UN as part of their Climate Neutral Now program. This initiative encourages climate action through measuring, reducing and compensating emissions on a voluntary basis.

Beach clean-ups

The festival will have strict systems for waste sorting, and all visitors will be encouraged to go by public transport. Being a coastal city, Kragerøfest has also engaged Plastpiratene (translated; The Plastic Pirates), to clean the shores of Kragerø. Last year they gathered 19 tonnes of plastic, the goal for 2019 is 60 tonnes. Check the full festival line-up.


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