Why boat sharing is a genius thing

Why boat sharing is a genius thing

Kruser is introducing the concept of boat sharing to Norway, and it's environmentally beneficial all the way. The photo above is taken mid-day on July 11th 2019 in Oslo with a temperature around 27 degrees. Notice all the boats not being used? Well, Kruser wants to change that.

CHOOOSE smarter

The startup from Norway is putting together a pool of electrical boats for subscribers, which gives consumers easy and better access to the sea, which will spare the environment of both emissions and noise pollution. The aim is to show people that it’s more beneficial to share than to own. – Those who own a boat are well aware of the huge costs and work involved. We hope to prove our concept gives people the opportunity to choose smarter, and at the same time to test and take part in technology that helps the environment, states CEO, Christer Ervik.

Better than owning

Together with Thorbjørn Rekdal, chairman and co-owner, they realized that thousands of boats stayed in the dock during the summer months. In addition, waiting for a spot for their boat nearby could take years. It motivated them to create a solution that would make the sea accessible to more people. In Norway, there is saying that ‘sjøen er for alle’, translated ‘the sea is for everyone’. Kruser sees that as a myth. The sea is not accessible for everyone, but for those that have a boat.

Sharing one means better exploitation, no maintenance or additional work, and it’s cheaper.

– In general, we know that models of sharing works. Even though the weather is nice and many would love to spend their day at sea, we’re all busy people. We have plans, duties, work, family dinners, school events. That’s why sharing a boat is better than owning it, Christer Ervik says.

Positive impact

And there is the issue of microplastics, chemicals like biocides and emissions from the gasoline itself. – We’ve gained a deeper understanding of the industry now, and the NGO Bellona recently challenged us to not only see the environmental aspect of the sharing aspect of our concept, but also the type of boats we aim to use and how that can have a positive impact as well, Ervik says.


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