Los Santos Wind Power Project in Costa Rica

Los Santos

Production of clean wind electricity and sustainable development initiatives.

The national electrical grid in Costa Rica has tripled its thermal generation over the last 3 years and is looking at even further investment in diesel generation plants. This project in Los Santos generates clean energy and displaces the emissions which would be generated by the national electrical grid. It is also the first wind power project to be developed in Costa Rica by a rural electrification cooperative. As one of the country's windiest regions, Los Santos is located in the south of the capital San José in the rugged mountain ranges of Costa Rica where most people work in agriculture and cattle raising. While generating clean electricity, the project aims to achieve sustainable and economic development by applying high social standards, support the local communities in improving infrastructure as well as to educate the population on sustainable energy consumption, climate change, and biodiversity.

How it works

  • Consists of fifteen 850kW GAMESA wind power turbines which will be installed in Cooperativa de Electrificación Rural Los Santos’ concession area in El Guarco and Desamparados.
  • The total capacity of 12.75 MW which is expected to generate a minimum of 42 GWh per year.
  • Provides clean electricity to 50,000 people and 11,000 households in the rural and underdeveloped mountain region.
  • Coordination Committees comprised of inhabitants from each of the communities will be advising the program on the needs and support opportunities of each community.


  • More than 15,000 tons of CO2 reduced annually.
  • Support for local community development through Communal Participation.
  • Program including activities for local infrastructure, education, and sustainable development initiatives.
  • Facilitate workshops for children and students on environmental education, focusing on renewable energy, climate change, and waste recycling.
  • Creation of 6 skilled technical full-time jobs and an additional 14 indirect jobs in the rural region for men and women.

By supporting Los Santos you also support these UN Sustainable Development Goals:

Los Santos supports 6 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals

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