Norwegian introduces seamless CO2-offsetting solution with CHOOOSE

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Anyone traveling with Norwegian can now offset their personal CO2-footprint with a seamlessly integrated technology solution from climate tech company CHOOOSE. The solution is also the first-ever from an airline to be approved by the United Nations initiative ‘Climate Neutral Now’.

CHOOOSE and Norwegian have introduced a new solution to address the pain points of traditional carbon offsetting programs. The new solution will enable Norwegian passengers to offset their specific flight itinerary directly within the ticket checkout process with one click.

“At CHOOOSE, we aim to make it delightfully simple for individuals to take certified climate action. Carbon offsetting is a critical tool in the transition to low carbon aviation, and a tool that all flyers should have easy access to. But, most airline carbon offsetting programs are clunky and lack transparency, requiring the passenger to re-enter flight details or to be redirected to a third-party page. We’re changing all of that,” says Andreas Slettvoll, CEO of CHOOOSE.

A Technology-first Approach

The solution is based on the CHOOOSE API. An enterprise-grade API that enables large organizations to integrate certified carbon offsetting into their digital products and e-commerce stores, and to automatically manage and track recurring carbon offsetting.

Automated carbon emission calculations

The new solution calculates the carbon footprint for every passenger’s specific itinerary. Calculations are based on actual fuel consumption data of the aircraft operating each flight. This data is then referenced with multiple industry datasets, including the United Nations ICAO. Carbon emission footprints are automatically calculated for each passenger going through the Norwegian ticket purchase process.

Transparent and predictable carbon pricing

CHOOOSE has developed a technology platform that delivers transparent, predictable carbon pricing from a best-in-class portfolio of carbon-reducing projects.

“By connecting Norwegian’s CO2-data to CHOOOSE’s tech-platform, we have delivered a solution that puts a price on the actual carbon emissions from flying; we’ve done so at a significantly lower price than what the traveler usually meets in legacy carbon offsetting programs. This is possible due to the technology reducing costs by removing manual and cost-driving interactions,” Slettvoll says.

Seamless integration

Rather than an interrupted customer journey that requires the customer to visit a third-party site, CHOOOSE is seamlessly integrated into the ticket checkout process. Passengers are provided the option to opt-in to offset their specific carbon footprint with one click.

“Carbon offsetting has been a hassle for way too long, often lies outside of the booking process and with an unfriendly user interface. To fix this we have seamlessly integrated the solution into Norwegian’s award-winning customer journey. To reduce emissions at a scale, we need to make climate action easy and accessible,” Slettvoll says.

Best-in-class projects

Carbon offsetting is executed through best-in-class, internationally certified CO2 projects that are described publicly on Norwegian’s website. All projects go through a rigorous diligence and monitoring process, and carry certifications by both the Gold Standard and the United Nations UNFCCC.

“Regardless of what the critics may say, carbon offsetting with high-quality projects has a positive impact. Our projects are operating with “belt and braces”, requiring verification from both the UNFCCC and the Gold Standard,” Slettvoll says.

Challenging the Status Quo

“CHOOOSE has achieved a lot in a short time, and together we are offering a best-in-class solution for our customers. CHOOOSE operates in an area that is developing rapidly and absolutely necessary, and represents a new, refreshing approach to climate action,” said Acting CEO of Norwegian, Geir Karlsen.

“CHOOOSE wants to collaborate with those who challenge the status quo, and those who are willing to use state-of-the-art technology solutions to positively affect their climate impact by taking responsibility for the elephant in the room - namely the remaining CO2 footprint that can not be removed based on today's technology,” says Andreas Slettvoll, CEO of CHOOOSE.


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