Ocean solutions @ Skur 13

Ocean solutions @ Skur 13

CHOOOSE joins the Ocean Now festival in June.

Hosted by Nor-Shipping and Katapult Ocean, the Ocean Now festival gathers corporates, students, entrepreneurs, and ocean enthusiasts to focus on the opportunities and solutions of the ocean. The festival takes place at Skur 13 in Oslo on June 5th and 6th.

CHOOOSE is a proud partner and will make sure each festivalgoer is climate positive by reducing 500 kilos of CO2 per person.

The changes in the ocean are happening now. Combined with the major challenges ahead, we need the sharpest, most innovative and clever minds to develop profitable ideas that can bring a better future to people all over the world.

The 2-day festival involves interactive sessions, lectures, pitches, competitions, cases, food courses, entertainment, activities in the port area and presentation of new solutions.

Attending the festival lets you:

– Make new solutions.

– Get inspired to create your own solutions.

– Experience groundbreaking solutions that already exist.

And oh, if you feel like expanding the festival feeling, Skranglejazz will end the festival with an Ocean Now Afterwork.

See you at Skur 13!


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