CHOOOSE a sustainable sky!

CHOOOSE a sustainable sky!

OceanSky joins forces with CHOOOSE for their expedition from Svalbard to The North Pole.

The vision of Swedish company OceanSky is to shape the future of aviation with their passion for sustainable skies and innovative alternatives in aviation. Now, OceanSky takes you on a pioneering expedition to the North Pole, and as the first hybrid aircraft, to ever land on the North Pole. OceanSky has teamed up with CHOOOSE to make the expedition from Svalbard to the North Pole climate positive.

"There is really no excuse for not aiming to be climate positive. We want to visit the Arctic without a footprint, without a mark in the snow and without interference with nature, so carbon offsetting has been on our radar from the start. For OceanSky, climate action for sustainable skies is imperative and working with CHOOOSE seemed like a perfect match. We were impressed to see just how easy and actionable CHOOOSE have made carbon offsetting", says Carl-Oscar Lawaczek Founder CEO OceanSky.

CHOOOSE’s business idea is to buy as many climate credits as possible and then tear them apart so that no one can ever use these to pollute. For the price of a cup of cappuccino per month, CHOOOSE reduces more than the environmental impact customers leave behind, thus making them climate-positive. Each carbon credit is equivalent to a reduction of 1 ton of CO2 emissions and is purchased directly from green and sustainable projects in developing countries. This reduces both global CO2 emissions and finances wind farms, solar plants and other projects that replace coal and oil. All are approved by the UN, and credits form a key part of these projects' funding.

"Partnering with CHOOOSE is a really good way to raise awareness about carbon offsetting and sustainability in aviation and also to show just how easy it is for companies and individuals to engage and take action. We recommend it to our partners, we invite and urge every company in aviation and travel to take climate action and consider carbon offsetting, especially the luxury travel sector. If high-end experiential travel can lead the way, then cargo and transport can follow, I think we will see more of that trend in the coming years" says Samuel Lanciné Gustafsson, CCO OceanSky.

With the ever-growing global appetite for sustainability, Andreas Slettvoll, the founder and CEO at CHOOOSE, indicates his excitement for the new partnership:

“Working with OceanSky provides a new layer to enhance our efforts in driving forward the case for climate positivity. They are all about sustainable skies and innovative alternatives in aviation and climate action is a central part of OceanSky's business”, says Slettvoll.

Lighter-than-air technology is the future of sustainable mobility for experiential travel, the future of remote cargo logistics and the way to travel for the next generation. With OceanSky’s effort for experiential travel, we can all buckle up and look bright on the future for sustainable skies.

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