– We aim to solve important issues

– We aim to solve important issues

To PwC, caring about the environment is an obvious social responsibility.

CHOOOSE recently launched the campaign 100% Oslotogether with JCP, and our great business partners. The aim is to make Oslo become the world’s first climate positive city by cutting 180 000 tons of CO2, more than the total climate cut goal set for Oslo in 2019.

PwC has reduced 1000 tons of CO2, given as Christmas gifts to employees. As a company, they're inspired by and work towards the sustainable development goals of the UN.

– In PwC we aim to build societal trust and solve important issues. Without trust between actors, individuals, societies and states it will be very difficult to reach economic growth, democracy, and development, says Head of Communication in PwC, Henrik Haakestad Lervold.

Energy efficiency is amongst their priorities in the workplace, partly by reducing food waste and reducing the number of flights by replacing internal face to face meetings with services such as Google Hangout or Skype.

– The advisors of PwC within for instance accounting, law or consulting can in many ways be compared with personal trainers. By making Norwegian businesses perform 10, 15 or 20 percent better, they take part in creating safe jobs, providing tax income that further develops our society, Haakestad Lervold says.

– Why should other businesses engage in the climate crisis?

– To me, it's an obvious social responsibility, to be part of solving the most crucial issue at a global level. No one can do everything, be everyone can do something.


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