A LØVE STORY: The whale-friendly design studio

A LØVE STORY: The whale-friendly design studio

The Norwegian indie design brand SJØLØVE PLASTFANGST cleans the ocean and utilizes marine plastic waste as resources for their stuff – as well as CHOOOSE’ING climate positive distribution.

Surfer and advertising creative Inge Kvivik got tired of seeing marine plastic waste pile up on his home break. He decided to stop grumping about it to friends on social media and instead - refuging in his father's garage - setting out to look for ways of creating value out of the waste.Learning by doingLooking for ideas, he came across the Preciousplastic-movement, built a plastic shredder, got his hands on an oven, started experimenting, welded a whole bunch of molds and experimented some more. After fending off some minor inconveniences, like hours on end in a sub-zero garage and one or two inconsequential incidents of setting himself on fire, the obscure ways of making interesting stuff out of marine plastic waste gradually got more familiar to him.

Sjøløve - love for the sea

SJØLØVE – love for the seaA lifetime by and in the ocean inevitably creates a bond. Seeing shoreline and sea life suffer, like the starving mink whale of Sotra in Norway or the albatross carcasses with bellies full of plastic on the Midway Islands, is a constant reminder that whatever can be done, should be done. Everyone can’t fix everything, but everyone can do something. Sjøløve (Sea lion, as well as sea-love in Norwenglish) is about making it easier for people to contribute, either by joining the Plastfangst-team (thus becoming a SJØLØVER) to collect marine plastic waste, or buying some of the designs – or both.Can you really buy yourself a cleaner ocean?Well, in a sense. Yes, it is a polymeric drop in the ocean, but for every vase you buy off of SJØLØVE PLASTFANGST you WILL make sure 1 kg plastic is NOT polluting our shores, or floating around in the sea, drowning a seal or choking a seagull. Also, your purchase lets us continue on our missions, hunting for our fix on great marine plastic waste, bringing in a lot of polymeric debris and unusable plastic in the process.

Sjøløve plastfangst

CHOOOSE’ING climate positive distributionSJØLØVE PLASTFANGST is a small mom&pop-shop type design studio. We are about fixing, not wrecking. This is why we were determined to make our entire distribution of products climate positive. Without limited DIY-resources, we were having some invoice-angst about the costs of our positivity. To our astonishment the expense of buying quotas that wiped out our entire distribution carbon footprint times two was a minuscule amount of money – which led to the provocative thought of how dirt-cheap the major polluters get themselves off the hook. For now.

Sjøløve Plastfangst

Rebelling the dirty deeds done dirt-cheapThe climate discourse is packed with naysayers, doomsday dreamers, denialists, and despairers, leaving folks feeling miserable and powerless. All I know is that it is in many influential peoples interest to keep it that way, too, making a lot of money on the wishy-washy status quo. In that respect, you gotta love CHOOOSE – for letting you stick it to the man! Playing them at their own game, snatching up those emission quotas. We may be drops in the ocean, but together we can make waves that spike up costs on someone’s emission-fuelled quarterlies. Who knows, maybe even make them bleed to the point where some of their dirty deeds done dirt-cheap turn into tales from the history books. Come join the good fight.One løve,

Inge Kvivik

Fotocredit: Eli Marie Jensen/RBCP


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