Say hello to Slushtainability!

Say hello to Slushtainability!

Hurray! Slush is launching a Carbon Offsetting Partnership with Fortum and CHOOOSE!

We are SO happy to announce that the «World's Leading Startup Event» Slush is partnering with Fortum and CHOOOSE to become super earth friendly and#climatepositive at this year’s Slush event.This year’s Slush event is right around the corner, and we got good news for you. Thanks to the brilliant people atFortum, Slush is now partnering with Fortum and CHOOOSE to offset the equivalent of not only our organization’s carbon footprint, but also for the 20,000 attendees’ flights, food, and hotel stays for the time of the event which is kicking off at December 4-5 in Helsinki. Great news for Planet Earth!The equivalent of 10,000 tonnes of carbon offsets will be made possible by Fortum and powered by CHOOOSE, by investing in a thin film solar power project in Gujarat, India. This Golden Standard carbon offset project services the grid in an area mostly covered by a coal power plant, meaning the solar power provided can partially replace coal power in the area. The Slush-Fortum contribution is directly financing the operations of the power plant for half a year, creating a massive, positive impact and equals the climate effect of 50.000 return flights from Oslo to Helsinki!

Climate impact

Fortum is developing and offering solutions for their customers in electricity, heating, cooling, as well as solutions to improve resource efficiency. They also provide solutions for consumers so that they can be smarter in their energy choices. We love that Slush and Fortum are not only cutting on a global level. Slush is focusing heavily on everything such as sustainable alternatives in event production to empowering startups to change the world for the better. Now they are also compensating for the implicit footprints their activities by making attendees flying in from around the world, staying at hotels, and making their way to our venue climate positive to counteract emissions. Slush will gather over 20,000 tech heads including 3,000 startups, 2,000 investors and 600 journalists from over 140 countries to Helsinki on 4-5th December. So grab your wool hat and rubber boots, and prepare for this year’s most inspiring and brain-fueling gathering. Oh, and did we mention that Helsinki is the sauna-capital of the world? Don’t forget to bring your bathing suit!

The#slush18 stages will be taken by big names like Amazon CTO Werner Vogels, Eventbrite Co-founder & CEO Julia Hartz, PayPal COO Bill Ready, Klarna Co-founder & CEO Sebastian Siemiatkowski, Growth Advisor Casey Winters, Spotify Chief HR Officer Katarina Berg, and Slack Co-founder & CTO Cal Henderson. And be prepared for some pink and positive climate-action vibes. We can’t wait!Read more about the brilliant Slushtainability-project here. 💖🌎 Haven’t grabbed your tickets yet for this year’s event? Hurry! You’ll find them here. All images were taken at Slush 2017 in Helsinki.

Photo credit of head image: Kai Kuusisto


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