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Rochus Mommartz

responsAbility CEO Rochus Mommartz.

Who, What, Where?

Rochus Mommartz, CEO of responsAbility. One of the globally leading impact investment companies, located in Zürich

What was your a-ha moment that made you become engaged in sustainability?

Back in 1989 I understood that sustainable impact needs functioning institutions and companies, not just short-term targeted outreach. Ever since I try to contribute to building the required entities and structures.

What is your single best tip for someone who wants to do more for the environment on a personal level?

Ask a simple question: where can I have a positive impact on the environment today? Choose those actions which you really like. Walk your thought.

What do you think will be the legacy of your generation?

As I’m approaching 60, I think my generation’s legacy is more on the negative side so far. A lot of damage. However, it is really not too late.

What is the most critical technological breakthrough that needs to happen for the world to reach the 1,5 degree goal?

The good and bad news is that it is not just one technique. We, the global community, have to work on many fronts including the technique to simply discover that not so much is needed to be happy.

What will this breakthrough demand from us as a society?

Much stronger coordination on a global scale as we are dealing with a global challenge.

What is your company’s most impactful contribution to fight climate change?

16 years of continued contribution to awareness creation and the courage to create products and systems which make the topic more investable.

In your industry, what do you think will be the most groundbreaking change over the next 10 years?

We are an impact asset management company. Demand from the next generations which will bring larger players to our field and technology will drive the industry.

What makes you climate positive about the future?

The survival instinct and the collective intelligence of humanity to find solutions.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Don’t let us wait for the perfect. Let’s move with the good in the right direction.


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