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Kine Hereide

Kine Hereide

Who, What, Where?

Kine Hereide, Shop Manager at INDY, we sell used phones, and our ambition is to help change consumption habits.

What was your a-ha moment that made you become engaged in sustainability?

I have had a more or less conscious relationship to the issues we are facing due to climate changes since I was a child. I became a vegetarian when I was 12, then mainly because I felt sorry for the animals, but it's all connected, and this early awareness was the start of the foundation of where I am today in terms of lifestyle, values and principles.

What is your single best tip for someone who wants to do more for the environment on a personal level?

To reduce meat consumption. There is an amazing range of alternatives to meat these days. Reducing meat or being vegetarian has never been easier in Norway.

What do you think will be the legacy of your generation?

I do not know if it is our generation that necessarily contributes to the biggest changes, but I am very optimistic for the next generation, the youngsters today are very conscious, I think it is this generation that actually understands the seriousness of the situation, and therefore will change our collective way of living.

What is the most critical technological breakthrough that needs to happen for the world to reach the 1,5 degree goal?

We need to phase out the fossil fuels industry, it is a complicated and overwhelming task, but there is no other way.

What will this breakthrough demand from us as a society?

There needs to be a change of mindset, a raised awareness. If we want to better the lives and future for everything and everyone on this planet, and closest to us and most importantly our children, we all need to understand that, as a collective, these changes are inevitable. The pandemic has forced us to travel less and reduce consumption, (though shopping online has exploded) and we can only hope that being stuck in this crazy reality has resulted in more people reflecting on our unsustainable lifestyles and that new perspectives result in more sustainable choices.

What is your company’s most impactful contribution to fight climate change?

We try in all our marketing and outreach to contribute to raise awareness regarding consumption habits and to make it easy for our customers to make a sustainable choice.

In your industry, what do you think will be the most groundbreaking change over the next 10 years?

Hopefully, a system will be in place that makes it possible to recycle all 100% of mobile phone components.

Which brand (in general) do you think is at the forefront when it comes to sustainability?

I think what you guys are doing is amazing! I'm also a big fan of Tise, and their app, it's so intuitive and they are so clear on their vision for the brand, to get people to become more aware of their consumption habits.

What makes you climate positive about the future?

The willingness to make sustainable choices if facilitated. As the desire to live greener increases, industries adjust continuously, and as development is increasing I guess we are moving in the right direction.

Each INDY phone is bundled with 2 tonnes of CO2 reduction

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