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Lars-Martin Berglund

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Who, What, Where?

Lars-Martin Berglund, CEO and founder of GRIN, a Norwegian startup that tests and develops digital deposit schemes with hardware that turns linear products into circular ones in a glimpse.

What was your a-ha moment that made you become engaged in sustainability?

As a kid, growing up in Norway I would watch "Blekkulf". Being part of the blekkulf generation and movement, we were environmental detectives and always on the hunt for unsustainable practices. We would also learn how to recycle and sort garbage at the kindergarten. Sustainability has been a part of me, from before I knew what it meant.

What is your single best tip for someone who wants to do more for the environment on a personal level?

Revise your routines and start with smaller changes that improve both your consumption and CO2 footprint. Be accountable. Accept that your behaviors and how you influence others will play an important part in shaping a sustainable future.

What do you think will be the legacy of your generation?

Hard question to answer, but I hope people will look back and think that we were quintessential in making necessary changes to ensure a green and sustainable future.

What is the most critical technological breakthrough that needs to happen for the world to reach the 1,5 degree goal?

Energy technology is of course key - transitioning from fossil to renewable energy will make a huge impact. In addition I am a firm believer of circular tech, which range from sensors, IoT, machine learning, materials and business models that ensure we use less of our resources, and optimize the use of existing resources so that we reduce and reuse, whilst having profitable business models. Personally I believe we are about to step into a circular tech and behavior revolution, which will change the world for the better, in a way we could not have foreseen.

What will this breakthrough demand from us as a society?

Consumers (which we all are) have to buy services from providers that offer sustainable solutions.

What is your company’s most impactful contribution to fight climate change?

We increase the use of existing resources, and prevent mass consumption of single use products and littering of those.

In your industry, what do you think will be the most groundbreaking change over the next 10 years?

The number of "impact startups" will increase dramatically. Going forward, more startups will develop technology and business models that have a positive impact on the environment and the society than we see today. Not just because we become more responsible, but also because more venture companies will look to invest and scale such startups.

Which brand (in general) do you think is at the forefront when it comes to sustainability?

Infinitum, Tomra and Naturvernforbundet. All Norwegian companies.

What makes you climate positive about the future?

We are more aware of the changes that need to be done. People, companies and regulators are more open to make radical changes in order to accomplish a sustainable future.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Let's go :)


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