Ever heard of a climate positive taquitos?

Ever heard of a climate positive taquitos?

Well, this is the world’s first! 👋🏼🌮🎉

Our friends at ASIA Aker Brygge in Oslo have teamed up for our 100% Oslo campaign, where our goal is to make Oslo the world’s first climate positive city. How? Together with our partners, we offset more than the entire climate cut goal of OSLO, by removing CO2 on a local and global level.Restaurant Asia at Aker Brygge has already reduced their meat consumption from 30 percent to 20 percent and is also working hard to cut down on food waste. In addition, together with CHOOOSE, they have made of the most popular dishes on the climate-positive menu, and they will soon launch their monthly "Climate Positive After work".

That Restaurant Asia puts climate positivity on the menu is a good example of how sustainability can occur in the interaction between consumer and brand. Asia is making great efforts to cut Co2 already, and is now engaging with their guest on a whole new level. For each taquitos you buy at their restaurant they cut 40 kilos of CO2, which is the equivalent to parking your car for two weeks. Climate action finally got tasty! 🤤P.S. Keep posted on their upcoming Climate Positive After Work through our their Facebook-page!


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