Stream the outfits of your kids

Stream the outfits of your kids

Tuckify is revolutionizing retail, letting customers subscribe to kids clothing instead of buying new ones.

– This is the first service in Norway that really allows the consumers to move into the access economy without losing options that they normally would have in traditional stores, says CEO, Patrick Skou.

The essence of Tuckify is simple: it’s a streaming service for kids clothes, where the consumer purchases a membership to the online store, and can then pick the products they wish, and change them with new ones when their needs are altered.

They definitely see a market, already establishing a team in the states, and aiming to expand to the Nordics in 2020.

– Considering the huge environmental impact coming from the textile industry, Tuckify is for sure amongst the most sustainable commercial stores for kids and baby clothing, making it an easy way for the consumer to lower their environmental footprint.

When choosing suppliers, environmental and quality aspects are at the top of their list, but also making sure that they appeal to the customers need.

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