This Finnish tech company is acting on climate change

This Finnish tech company is acting on climate change

VALA Group Oy is compensating the environmental footprint of their employees as a part of a four-step plan.

How, do you ask? The Finnish tech company has the best of the environment on their mind and wanted to act on climate change with an easy-to-understand solution. Dealing with a complex topic, they were looking for something that everyone could grasp, regardless of their knowledge.Together with CHOOOSE they plotted four steps to reach their goal. Through buying carbon credits VALA does not only help fund renewable energy projects certified by the UN, they also help to knock out the dirty polluters.


As a first step, they decided to compensate the CO2 of all of their employees on a monthly basis. Through the Mate subscription, the average consumption of a citizen is calculated based on their residing country. In addition, they let new hires CHOOOSE between a welcoming package consisting of various merch (just admit it: stuff you might not use), or rather cutting consumption to the best of the environment. If so, an equivalent amount goes to CHOOOSE, to put those carbon credits where they belong. If an applicant didn’t make the cut during interview rounds, VALA treats them with the one-month subscription of the Mate package, as a way of thanking them for applying. Lastly, VALA wanted to act on the flight activities of their employees. They felt that the topic is a morally difficult one, both being because it’s an important part of many peoples lives, but also having a high polluting effect. With a remote office in Spain offering their employees to escape from the grim Finnish winter, they decided to compensate all the flights of their employees who decide to travel there. That means that the equivalent amount of CO2 coming from those flights will be compensated for by VALA together with CHOOOSE, funding the production of energy with renewable sources such as wind or biogas.


By offering their employees options that improve the environment, VALA sums up four very much tangible options on how a business can act on climate change and hopefully inspire others to follow the same pathway.


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