Turning Footprints Into Climate Action at Katapult Future Fest

Turning Footprints Into Climate Action at Katapult Future Fest

Walkolution and CHOOOSE teams up for Katapult Future Fest.

From the May 14th-16th , Katapult Future Fest kicks off in Oslo with the purpose of driving positive social change through technology and impact investing. As Tharald Nustad, initiator and founder of Katapult Future Fest, describes: “it’s about using exponential technology in business to solve the big problems of our time faster and reach a greater impact”.Walkolution, a German health startup on the mission to revolutionize the way humans work in offices by introducing non-electric treadmills to workplaces, has teamed up with the Oslo based climate startup CHOOOSE, to make all the participants at Walkolution’s and CHOOOSE’s event activation during Katapult Future Fest climate positive. – There would be no better place in the world to carry out this action than on the Katapult Future Fest in Oslo, the Green European Capital of 2019. We look forward to meeting visionaries and decision makers from the global impact community at the KFF and share our vision of combining individual health with environmental sustainability, says Dr. Eric Söhngen, a medical doctor, environmentalist and the founder of Walkolution.For everyone who participates in the donation walk, the two startup companies will offset 100 kg CO2 per person. Additionally, 3 winners will be awarded a gift card that will make them climate positive for an entire year. – This is done by supporting CO2-reducing projects in developing countries verified by the UN. The campaign will at least reduce 6 tonnes of CO2 emissions, which equals 52 flights from Oslo to London, explains Andreas Slettvoll, Founder and CEO of CHOOOSE.CHOOOSE works with the United Nations, the leading global sustainability provider, South Pole, and top academics to identify the best sustainable development projects worldwide. The winners from Walkolution’s competition will support a Solar Photovoltaic Power Project at Gujarat, India. The main purpose of this CO2-reducing project is to generate clean electricity through renewable solar energy and replace coal with clean energy to speed up the green shift.About WALKOLUTION: Walkolution is the maker of the iconic walking treadmill for the office. Walkolution products allow users to walk while working and get the movement they need to stay healthy, let their creative juices flow and achieve a new level of vitality at work. Combining German Engineering with Scandinavian Design, their patented treadmills are non-electric and use exclusively locally sourced wood from sustainable forestries. Learn more at www.walkolution.com.


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